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Chapter 425: No Mercy

Under the focus of a countless number of nearly dull gazes, the dust that permeated throughout the arena slowly dispersed. The complete mess and rock fragments that appeared in their sights caused the viewing gallery to emit waves of sounds created by the sudden inhalation of cold air.

At this moment, the hard arena, which was originally created by neatly piling huge rocks on each other, had actually turned into complete shambles. A deep, expansive pit appeared in the middle of the ruins. Strange rocks were strewn everywhere around the deep pit. Looking at their appearance, the competition arena looked completely different from before. No one had expected that the collision between Xiao Yan and Bai Shan’s three man team would actually create such a terrifying destructive strength.

“This fellow… he really is too abnormally strong.” Xiao Yu was stunned as she observed the competition arena that had turned into ruins. It was a long while later before she let out a deep breath of air and spoke with a bitter smile. Even though she had already thought highly of her cousin, who had his own independent and special behavior since young, even she did not expect that this fellow would actually become so strong until his strength caused people to become ashamed after not seeing him for only two years.

At her side, Instructor Ruo Ling nodded as she shared the same feelings deep within her. She muttered quietly in her heart. Just exactly how did this fellow train during these two years? Back then, at Wu Tan City, Xiao Yan may have had extraordinary talent, but even after going all out, he could barely survive twenty exchanges with her. Now, however, Instructor Ruo Ling herself thought that her chances of victory were not very high if she were to fight Xiao Yan.

In the ruined arena, where a countless number of gazes had gathered, a green-colored figure suddenly flashed onto the top of a huge rock. Her gaze swept over the ruins and finally stopped at that huge pit. There were still three weak Qis present there.

The dust that rose from the deep pit also gradually settled down. The situation within finally appeared in front of the eyes of everyone present.

Within the deep pit, there was an area which was relatively flat. There were no rock fragments in that area. Instead, there was a thick layer of rock dust. Clearly, at the area where both the energies of both parties collided, the frightening energy explosion had shattered the rock fragments to dust. From this, one could see just how powerful the Dou Qi displayed by the four of them was!

In the empty spot within the pit, three human figures were holding onto the rock wall behind them with their hands. That was the only way they could support their bodies shakily. At this moment, Bai Shan and the other two were extremely miserable looking. Dust covered more than half of their faces. There were also quite a number of spots on their clothes which were tattered. Moreover, the faces of the three of them were pale. Traces of blood were vaguely visible on the corner of their mouths. Their harried breathing had already lost the steadiness it had before. Clearly, under that ‘Angry Buddha Lotus Flame’ explosion attack of Xiao Yan, which one would not dare to receive head on, Bai Shan and the two others were seriously injured.

A countless number of gazes paused on the miserable looking bodies of the three of them. There was faint disbelief in their eyes. The three very powerful, top students within Jia Nan Academy this time around, were actually reduced to such a state by the hands of a young man who had merely arrived at the academy less than three days ago?

“Where is Xiao Yan?” Bai Shan wiped the blood trace from the corner of his mouth. He raised his head and his gaze looked all around him. A sleek redness surfaced on his pale face as he said in a hoarse voice, “Looks like he should have been buried under the ruins in that energy explosion. Fighting one against three. He is indeed wildly arrogant but his ending is not good either.”

Hu Jia and Wu Hao by his side ignored him. They swallowed their saliva and moistened their dry throats. A long while later Hu Jia clenched her teeth and said, “Dammit. If I had known earlier, I would not have listened to your incitement. We totally cannot mess with that Xiao Yan!”

“He is very strong, stronger than all of us!” Wu Hao lifted his head. Most of his large, blood-colored robe had been torn. Therefore, it revealed a somewhat white, young face. Wu Hao did not appear very handsome and could only be called ordinary looking. However, the dense, cold, bloody aura that would occasionally flash across his eyes would cause people, who were exchanging looks with him, to feel creeped out. At this moment, solemnness and fear flashed across his eyes, which usually contained a hidden killing aura, for the first time.

“So what if he is strong? Under the combined attack of the three of us, even if he could live, he would at least have broken an arm or a leg!” Hearing the implication of fighting Xiao Yan from the words of the two of them, Bai Shan’s eyebrows were involuntarily knit together as he coldly laughed.


Bai Shan’s words had just been uttered when a piece of huge rock at the edge of the deep pit in the ruins suddenly blasted apart. The movement attracted all the gazes present, including that of Bai Shan and the two others who were panting with their mouths wide open.

Faint dust permeated over from where the large rock burst apart.

“He… he hasn’t died! I can sense his Qi!” Wu Hao’s eyes stared intently at the cluster of dust. He inhaled a deep breath of air as he spoke slowly.

Bai Shan’s face twitched swiftly by his side. His originally pale face had turned a lot more pale at this moment. Clearly, this talented student, who was one of the top people of the year within the Outer Academy of the Jia Nan Academy, had already formed some fearful emotions toward the black-robed young man that he would not admit within his heart. Especially after the soul-stirring large battle earlier.

Under the focus of all the gazes in the stadium, there was suddenly the soft sound of feet stepping on some rock fragments being emitted from the dust. After hearing the sound of footsteps, Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao’s expressions could not help but change.

The sound of footsteps came nearer and nearer. Bai Shan’s eyes did not blink as he stared at the dust. A while later, his eyes suddenly shrunk. A black-robed young man, whose clothes were as clean as they were before the battle, slowly walked out from the dust and appeared in front of everyone’s sight!

The entire stadium suddenly became quiet as everyone eyed that black robe which appeared brand-new, as well as the calm face of the young man who appeared exactly the same as when he entered the arena.

Who would expect that after experiencing the terrifying energy explosion earlier, this fellow not only did not break his arm or leg as Bai Shan had anticipated, but his Qi had remained forceful and his exterior remained tidy. This appearance was like heaven and earth when compared with the miserable looking Bai Shan, Hu Jia, and Wu Hao.

This difference in appearance had also completely highlighted the victor this time around! No one would think that Xiao Yan, who could keep his initial appearance after such an intense battle, did not have the qualification to become the champion of the Qualifying Competition this time around!

After this fierce fight, the strongest person of the Qualifying Competition had gradually become clear.

“Xiao Yan ge-ge has indeed become strong. The strength of the terrifying flame lotus Dou Technique that he had displayed earlier has almost reached the peak of the Xuan class Dou Techniques…” Xun Er, who was standing on a huge rock, smiled and whispered to herself before she eyed the black-robed young man, who was slowly walking out. There was a faint look of relief and pride currently on her face. She was unconcerned about whether she could be in the limelight and the focus of a countless number of people. However, if Xiao Yan was able to display a strength, which caused people to be shocked, in this kind of place, Xun Er would feel a happiness from within her heart.

Xiao Yan slowly stepped out from the dust. His expression remained indifferent as he carelessly glanced at the three of them. Without any warning, brutality suddenly swarmed into his dark eyes!

At the same time, Xiao Yan moved his body and it suddenly turned into a black shadow. In a mere instant, it carried a sharp wind sound and a pressurizing aura as he appeared in front of them, causing the breaths of the three of them to become stagnant.

“Xiao Yan, what do you plan to do? We are already…” Bai Shan’s eyes were blurred. He suddenly realized that Xiao Yan had appeared in front of him. His eyes collided with those dark black pupils and coincidentally saw the tyranny and killing intent within them. Immediately, he hurriedly cried out.

However, before his cry sounded, a black shadow swept across his eyes. An intense pain was transmitted from Bai Shan’s lower abdomen. A huge force shook his body until it rolled backward and finally smashed violently into the rock wall. Immediately, the soft sounds of bones cracking could suddenly be heard.

“Xiao Yan, you…!” The sudden attack also caused Hu Jia and Wu Hao to be startled. They immediately reacted swiftly. Their bodies pulled back quickly as they cried out with their mouths.

“How can that kick earlier be so easily offset?” As Hu Jia was hurriedly pulling back, the black shadow entered into close proximity, like a ghost while those cold indifferent words sounded.

“Xiao Yan, you dare!” The cold words caused Hu Jia to feel a chill in her heart. Her voice had also become sharp at this moment. Since she was young until she had grown up, when had she been abused and beaten in this manner, especially given her identity and background?

Xiao Yan’s expression was cold. He did not reply to Hu Jia sharp scream. Without the slightest hesitation, he suddenly swung his right leg. A powerful force that carried a low and deep sonic boom heavily swung into Hu Jia’s lower abdomen, while being watched by a countless number of dull eyes. Following a deep muffled sound, Hu Jia’s body immediately rubbed against the ground, drawing a scar that was over ten meters long before she heavily collided with a rock. Immediately, she spat out a mouthful of fresh blood.

Faced with Xiao Yan’s vengeful chase, Wu Hao did not let out an involuntary cry, like the two people earlier. He clenched his teeth and the little blood-colored Dou Qi remaining within him completely surfaced on his body. When the Dou Qi surfaced, Wu Hao’s speed clearly became quite a lot faster.

However, how could Wu Hao, who was in a heavily wounded state, compare to Xiao Yan in terms of speed? The instant after Hu Jia was thrown aside, the black blur was like a shadow following his body, appearing just behind him. An indifferent voice along with a ferocious force suddenly smashed into Wu Hao’s back.

“This is payback for Xun Er. If you are not satisfied, you can come and find me anytime. Among the three of you I, Xiao Yan, only view you seriously.”


Wu Hao’s body, which was moving backward, suddenly paused. That enormous force that was transmitted from his back directly caused Wu Hao’s body to lean forward and collapse. Finally, he became like a rolling gourd that rolled over ten times before he forcefully stopped his rolling body with great difficulty. He wiped the blood trace from the corner of his mouth, lifted his pale face and eyed the black-robed young man. The latter had ceased chasing him and was throwing over an indifferent gaze. Wu Hao swallowed a mouthful of saliva that contained some blood. In so many years, this was the first time that he had been beaten to such a state by someone from the same age group.

Wu Hao’s gaze stared intently at the tall and somewhat skinny young man for a long while. Finally, his hoarse voice spat out a word from his mouth.


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