BTTH Chapter 39

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BTTH Chapter 39 – Ceremonial Test

The Coming of Age Ceremony had so many separate steps and was so complicated that it could make one’s head start hurting.

Sitting below the platform, Xiao Yan watched the young man on the platform that was being led around like a doll. He couldn’t help but rub his forehead as he said to Xun Er besides him: “This Coming of Age Ceremony. It’s definitely a torture.”

Watching Xiao Yan’s sad face, Xun Er smiled while saying: “Can’t help it; these are rules that were passed down since ancient times and even Xiao shu-shu wouldn’t dare change them.”

Xiao Yan sighed as he weakly nodded his head. Right when he was about to fall asleep, his brows jumped as he sensed that someone was looking at him. Narrowing his eyes, he looked at the left of the platform.

There stood Xiao Ning, full of envy while watching Xun Er and Xiao Yan. When he saw the later look over, he quickly raised his fist, aggressively.


Lightly saying this word, Xiao Yan’s sight moved slightly to the left, to Xiao Yu who was standing beside Xiao Ning. His eyes swept boldly across her long and sexy legs until her face turned green, before he finally looked away with a cold smile.

From the side, Xun Er was smiling to herself while watching Xiao Yan’s antics, feeling a little helpless. When it came to Xiao Yu, Xiao Yan seemed to lose his usual calmness and always provoked her until she became completely mad.

Reclining on the cool wooden chair, Xiao Yan enjoyed the sweet scent of the maiden beside him, while waiting with his eyes closed.

When the Coming of Age Ceremony had progressed to about halfway, it was at last Xiao Yan’s turn.

Upon hearing a shout from the stage, everyone on the guest platform looked at Xiao Yan with either curious or suspicious eyes. For most of them, a large part of the reason as to why they were here at the Xiao Clan’s coming of age ceremony was to have a look at the youth who had caused such an uproar in Wu Tan City and to see if he was as described in the rumours.

Xiao Yan slowly opened his eyes and the stares from all around made him feel like he was a monkey in the zoo, causing him to shake his head in resignation.

With a light sigh and a passive face, Xiao Yan stepped slowly onto the platform under the gazes of everyone.

The coming of age ceremony was held by the second elder Xiao Ying. Although the second elder never gave Xiao Yan any of his sympathy, he rarely went out of his way to harass Xiao Yan. In addition, ever since the day of the preliminary exam, he had mellowed quite a bit. At least, the scorn that was previously clearly presented on his face was no longer visible on the old wrinkled face.

With a complicated expression in his eyes, Xiao Ying heaved a sigh in his heart as he looked upon this youth who had overturned the tables in his life. His face shook a little as he took the materials that were needed for the ceremony before walking towards Xiao Yan.

Looking at the second elder walking towards him, Xiao Yan remembered the previous fussy and boring ceremony and had a migraine. With a bitter smile, he closed his eyes and awaited his fate.


Under the eyes of everyone, Xiao Yan stood like an idiot for half an hour before the complex bureaucratic scene finally ended.

With a sigh of relief in his heart, Xiao Yan opened his eyes. Looking at the various spices surrounding his body, he rolled his eyes in gloom.

After all the complicated steps were over, the second elder wiped sweat off his brow and turned towards the black stone monument shouting: “Ceremonial Test!”

The Ceremonial Test was same as the previous month’s test which was just an preliminary test. The motive of the previous test was to let the clan’s elites be picked out, so they could take the actual coming of age ceremony on the main stage, while the rest of the 7 Duan and below clan members would only have a simpler ceremony that was somewhat shabby

The Ceremonial Test was much more accurate compared to the preliminary test since this time, the test was personally checked by the two star Dou Grandmaster, second elder of Xiao Clan. It showed how serious the Coming of Age Ceremony was taken.
TL: Dou Zhe -> Dou Master -> Dou Grandmaster

With the second elder’s shout, those who had been bored out of their minds suddenly focused as they sent their attention to the platform.

On the Guests Platform, nearly all of those sitting there also stared at the black clothed young man. The purpose for their visit today was to confirm if the young man that had stirred the entire Wu Tan City four years ago will stir Wu Tan City again.

Ignoring the burning gazes around him, Xiao Yan was calm as he walked up to the black monument.

While watching the calm Xiao Yan, the second elder’s dry hand touched the Black Monument as a strand of his Dou Qi was pushed into it to test it. Afterwards, he stepped to the side and joined everyone else in staring Xiao Yan. Even though he was present at the previous testing, he couldn’t help but wonder: Did this kid really get to 7 Duan Qi?

The shock of Xiao Yan’s performance particularly impacted this second elder and he had especially asked to be in charge of the Coming of Age Ceremony so that he could make sure that he personally test Xiao Yan!

Disregarding the second elder’s questioning gaze, Xiao Yan’s hand slowly touched the black monument….

Watching Xiao Yan touch the monument, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but furrow her brows while turning her head to whisper to Xiao Ning: “Did he really get to 7 Duan Qi?”

Because Xiao Yu had just gotten home two days ago after asking for a break from the academy, she wasn’t there to witness Xiao Yan’s preliminary testing and thus was still suspicious about his achievements.

Being asked by his sister, Xiao Ning bitterly nodded while saying: “Yeah. That guy must have ate something that helped him jump 4 Duan Qi in just one year.”

Having her question confirmed once more, Xiao Yu pushed her lips together while stomping her legs in annoyance. While angrily staring at the young man on the platform, her beautiful face showed her stubborn attitude as she thought: Without me actually seeing it, I won’t believe that that cripple has turned his situation around.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Yu sneered while saying: “That kid must have done something last time but with second elder examining it this time, I’ll be…”

Before she could finish her thought, Xiao Yu’s face tightened as the rest of the words became stuck in her throat.

On the high wooden platform, the huge black monument shined brightly as golden words appeared on the monument: “Dou Zi Qi: 8 Duan!”


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