BTTH Chapter 1486

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Chapter 1486: Tiangang Hall

An existence like the Dragon Emperor of the Ancient Void Dragon tribe was an extremely mysterious existence in the eyes of many people. Of course, even an ordinary Ancient Dragon tribe member was legendary to some people. After all, the Ancient Void Dragon tribe rarely came to the Central Plains.

The Ancient Void Dragon tribe was as mysterious and powerful as those ancient clans in the hearts of many people. The Dragon Emperor within the tribe was an existence like the clan head of the Gu clan or the Hun clan. This expert was someone even people as strong as Ancestor Hou Yun and the First Elder of the Pill Tower had never met. Hence, they could not hide the shock that surged onto their faces after they heard that Zi Yan was actually the legendary Dragon Emperor.

“Ha ha, it is unexpected that Lady Zi Yan holds such an identity. This elderly self was indeed a little blind back then…” Yao Lao was startled by Xiao Yan’s words. He only recovered a moment later before he solemnly cupped his hands and laughed.

Zi Yan felt a little unnatural by Yao Lao’s politeness. She was aware that Xiao Yan viewed Yao Lao like a father. She didn’t want to display the so-called Dragon Emperor airs in front of him.

“Teacher, there is no need to be overly polite. You can simply treat her like the little girl in the past.” Xiao Yan was also aware of Zi Yan’s thoughts. He smiled and continued, “Since teacher has made this suggestion earlier, I think that you have already chosen a branch hall to attack, right?”

Yao Lao’s expression was a little grave upon returning to this topic. He said, “After starting our full-scale investigation of the Hall of Souls, we have managed to gather a lot of information. The Hall of Souls has many branch halls in the Central Plains. There are twenty-four of them that are more important. The Hall of Souls calls them the Disha Halls. The branch hall that I had been imprisoned in back then was one of these Disha Halls.”

“Disha Halls…” Xiao Yan slightly nodded. This was something he had never heard about.

“Above the Disha Halls are the Tiangang Halls. These halls are more important to the Hall of Souls…” Yao Lao slowly said. “The Tiangang Halls are divided into Heaven, Earth, and Man. The Heaven Hall is the headquarters of the Hall of Souls. We are currently unaware of its location. This time around, our target is the Man Hall among the Tiangang Halls…”

“Man Hall…” Xiao Yan muttered and asked. “What is the strength of the Man Hall like?”

“The Earth Hall is managed by the deputy hall chief while the Man Hall is managed by the First and Second Tianzun. Of course, we must not eliminate the possibility that the Hall of Souls has strengthened its defenses.” Yao Lao replied.

“That third Tianzun died in my hands back then. The second Tianzun, saint Gu You, is only a high level Ban Sheng. I will not need to fear him if we meet again. Looks like we can take down this Man Hall…” Xiao Yan faintly smiled. His smile was a little dark and dense. He truly hated the Hall of Souls. He had nearly died to these bastards many times over the years, but he had grown now. Perhaps, he should take the initiative to collect a little of the old debt…

“Leave this matter of destroying the Man Hall to me. The alliance still need experts to guard it to protect against any attempt by the Hall of Souls to do the same to us. Hence, I hope that Ancestor Hou Yun and the rest will guard this place…” Xiao Yan’s eyes shifted to Ancestor Hou Yun and the First Elder from the Pill Tower as he spoke.

“I shall accompany you. The location of the Man Hall is quite secretive. It would be difficult to find even if one has a map…” Yao Lao hesitated before he added.

“Alright…” Xiao Yan hesitated upon hearing Yao Lao’s statement before nodding. He had Zi Yan, a four star Dou Sheng, beside him. There were not many experts within the Central Plains who could threaten them. Even the hall chief of the Hall of Souls would not be able to easily defeat Zi Yan and take all of their lives.

“In that case, all of you should rest for a few days. After that, we will head to the Man Hall!”

Yao Lao fondled his beard. A fierce glint flashed through his eyes. He and Xiao Yan had to hide when they had been pursued by the Hall of Souls. Now, they were determined to cease hiding. How could their hearts feel comfortable if they did not take revenge a hundred times over?


Xiao Yan looked at little Xiao Xiao, who was stepping through the air as she joyously ran toward him. He hurriedly stepped forward and hugged that little figure who had come flying over. A faint warmth spread from his heart.

“Daddy, where is mummy?” Little Xiao Xiao’s large black eyes looked behind Xiao Yan. She looked in all directions in an attempt to find Cai Lin.

“Ha ha, mummy is still training. She will return to little Xiao Xiao once she completes her training.” Xiao Yan explained with a smile. He hugged little Xiao Xiao while an exclamation was suddenly emitted from his mouth. He discovered that the vast and mighty energy that had randomly been flowing within little Xiao Xiao’s body had calmed down. The energy also vaguely flowed and changed according to her desire.

“Xiao Xiao’s training talent is extremely great. Within half a year, she is already able to control the energy within her body. She can be considered a genuine elite Dou Zong.” Yao Lao by the side smiled and remarked.

“Dou Zong…”

Xiao Yan rubbed Xiao Xiao’s small head. He involuntarily let out a bitter laugh. Back then, he had to train and experience many difficulties just to reach the Dou Zong class. In the end, Xiao Xiao did not need to do anything as she easily stepped to this level. Thinking about this really caused one to sigh.

“Moreover, she is extremely interested in pill refinement. I am planning to wait for her to become a little older before teaching her the Flame Mantra. After which, I will help her look for a Heavenly Flame and slowly familiarize her with it…” The gaze that Yao Lao used to look at Xiao Xiao was extremely doting as he laughed.

“You really dote on her too much…” Xiao Yan was helpless. He handed Xiao Xiao in his embrace to the curious Zi Yan behind him. They stared at each other while Xiao Yan clenched his hand and a jade bottle appeared in it. There was a drop of golden liquid floating inside the bottle. An extremely frightening ripple was vaguely emitted from it.

“What is this?” Yao Lao’s expression was slightly altered upon seeing the blood within the jade bottle. He could sense the terrifying strength within it.

“The essence blood left behind by an expert with half-a-step in the Dou Di class…” Xiao Yan smiled. He glanced at Yao Lao and said, “If teacher consumes it, it should be possible for you to swiftly reach the first star of the Dou Sheng class.”

Yao Lao carefully received the jade bottle. He flipped the jade bottle around and observed it for a long time. He was a little hesitant. This thing was far too precious, and it would benefit Xiao Yan more.

“I have already consumed it. It will not do much if I consume it again. Teacher should train for the next few days. We will head to the Man Hall after you complete your training, and then we will eliminate it from the Central Plains…” Xiao Yan smiled. He turned around and pulled both Zi Yan and Xiao Xiao out of the hall before Yao Lao could utter another word.

Yao Lao stared at Xiao Yan’s back. He let out a bitter laugh a moment later. After which, he clenched the jade bottle in his hand. A warmth filled his heart.

Xiao Yan remained in the Falling Star Pavilion the next few days. Having nothing to do, he began to pass on some of his Dou Skills to Xiao Xiao. The shocking talent that she displayed caused Xiao Yan to feel completely astounded for the first time. It was likely that only she could be described as a true genius. His so called young genius title back in Wu Tan City was insignificant when compared to the current Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Yan properly enjoyed the feeling of being a father for five days. That feeling would cause him to occasionally feel like he truly matured. His current self was no longer that reckless tender youth from back then. Instead, he was a true giant-like existence…

Yao Lao, who had been in a retreat, finally appeared in front of Xiao Yan on the sixth day. Yao Lao’s overflowing aura let Xiao Yan know that he had broken through to the first star of the Dou Sheng class.

Xiao Yan was not surprised by Yao Lao’s breakthrough. Yao Lao boasted a good foundation. With his accumulated strength and the Demon Saint Essence Blood, it was only natural for him to reach the first star of the Dou Sheng class.

Xiao Yan’s group quietly disappeared from the Falling Star Pavilion on the second day after Yao Lao’s had broken through. Only a small group of upper echelons were aware that the ‘Sky Mansion Alliance’ was retaliating against the Hall of Souls.

The Burial Mountain Range was located at the intersection between the western and southern regions of the Central Plains. Due to its terrain, this place contained an extremely dense dangerous aura. That dark aura was mixed with a rich corpse scent because most of the people within a five hundred kilometer radius were buried in this place. Hence, this Burial Mountain Range was a strange mountain range that was built with tombs. It was difficult to find any human figures under normal circumstances. No one would be willing to stay in a place covered in a ghostly aura.


The rushing sound of some wind suddenly appeared in the Burial Mountain Range’s quiet sky. Rays of light flashed above as a couple of figures appeared in a flash on the top of a mountain deep within the mountain range. Their eyes were locked on the deepest part of the mountain range. There was a distortion in space hidden behind a large gray-colored tree.

“The Man Hall of the Tiangang Halls is in the deepest part of the Burial Mountain Range. However, they placed a spatial barrier here. They will detect it the moment someone enters…” Yao Lao pointed at the deep region as he explained.

Xiao Yan slightly nodded. He glanced at Zi Yan. She smiled and gently waved her sleeve. The space around the distortion suddenly fluctuated before it turned into an enormous spatial barrier that completely covered the area.

“This time around, there is no need to leave any survivors…”

Xiao Yan slightly raised his head. A dense expression appeared on his face. Hall of Souls, this revenge has finally come over a decade later. It isn’t too late, is it?

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  1. I didn’t think there were enough Heavenly Flames around for there to be a second practitioner of the Flame Mantra. Yao Lao just casually said that he’d find a heavenly flame for Xiao Xiao, like it’s suddenly so easy to find heavenly flames!
    (Aside from Old Mu Gu and his Sea Heart Flame).

    Perhaps Xiao Xiao has inherited Xiao Yan’s “luck” as well. In the future she might have her own little harem of hawt guys with strange constitutions huehuehue. Maybe even a super forbidden love with a ghostly hottie who happens to be the ONE decent guy from an obscure former offshoot branch of the Hun Clan. o(*>ω<*)o

    1. Weird as it sounds some flames have more then one copy available like the fallen heart flame. Others regrow after they are collected if enough time passes. Plus they can always be evil and steal the ones from the Yao clan bwahaha

      1. The inherited flames have powerful seals. A Dou Sheng might be able to suppress them but I doubt anyone would be able to completely absorb them. Plus XY went through a lot of trouble to get the dragon flame and needed the help of the Void Dragon tribe to remove the seal. Also apart from the people of the clans, Han Feng, Yao Lao and XY has anyone else showed a heavenly flame?

        1. Not that I can recall. The only flame XIao Yan has actually “found” is his first flame, the Geocentric Lotus Core Flame (but even then Medusa beat him to it XD). Every other flame was found by someone else first.

          – Fallen Heart Flame: First found by Tian Huo zun-zhe, then held by Jia Nan Academy.

          – Sea Heart Flame: First found by Han Feng, then given to Old Mu Gu.

          – Nine Dragon Flame: Kept by Burning Flame Valley

          – Three Thousand Burning Flame: Kept by Pill Tower

          – Bone-chilling Flame: Found by Yao Lao

          Xiao Xuan had some flames but lost them when he died.

          Aside from the ancient clans and their flames we’ve never seen another random person with a heavenly flame. The Void Dragons mentioned that they could have put in some effort to find an expert with a heavenly flame (other than Xiao Yan) to help Zi Yan, but they must be those oft mentioned “hidden experts”.

      2. I always wondered about how entire clans own Heavenly Flames. That makes it sound like more than 1 or 2 people in their clan have the same flame. Do they have like a Prime Flame sealed up somewhere and split off pieces of it to give to clan members that are compatible with it? If so maybe Yao Lao can go get one to replace the one he gave to XY once they head to the Yao clan. If I recall, at least one of their flames was higher ranked than the Bone Chilling Flame and in the top 10.

    2. there is more than 20 different heavenly flames, xy has 4, gu clan 1, yao lao clan 2, another one that i cant remenber 1, Hun clan 2, so we have at least 10 more undiscovered flames lingering around the heaven and earth, and that doenst tell anything about the duplicate flames that might be around

      1. The entire series started on the premise that finding a Heavenly Flame comes down to luck more than anything else. After all, if you could just throw more resources and manpower at the problem, then the ancient clans like the Yao clan that have been around for centuries and have incredible power should have 10 or more flames by now, yet even the Yao clan has less than 4.

        Yeah there are 24 different flames, but that’s only 24 flames spread out through the ENTIRE Dou Qi continent, which apparently is roughly the diameter of Jupiter. Even finding 24 different things spread out on an Earth-sized planet would be a monumental task let alone a place multiple times bigger. Even “luck magnet” Xiao Yan for over half the series had “only” two flames. Pretty much the only thing the author has remained consistent about is the rarity of Heavenly Flames. (INB4 Xiao Yan finds a stash of Heavenly Flames left by some ancient Dou Di or some such nonsense.)

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