8 thoughts on “BTTH 236-237!” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Anyone know what chapter number or around in this version, the Manwha is currently at? I almost just want to wait for it to catch up and then read it, because I am reading both, but enjoy this version more of course. You can’t just use the Manwha as reference because it uses anywhere from 3-5 chapters in a single chapter it seems.

    1. I think manwha is probably in the 400s if we compare to light novel.. but it also skips a lot and personally, I love the novel way more.. they make the mc so damn weak and childish in the manwha

      1. Yeah I just want to wait for the novel to catch up because I read the Manwha first, and still follow it. Plus that way I will be able to read around 200 + chapters when it does finally catch up. Then I will switch to reading the light novel most because the release rate is faster.

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