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  1. Hi everyone!, I just found out that the manhwa of BTTH is actually a korean novel, Does anyone know more or less which chapter is this one in relation to manwha? and how big the change is between the novel and the manhwa? do I have to start from the begging or can I read it as you publish it and still understand it.

    Thanks for the update

    1. I’ve only read a few chapters of the manwha, but it misses a lot of details as they try to compress multiple WN chapters into a single manga chapter. Imho, try to at least read the first few chapters here and compare them to manwha version, and then decide if you’re ok with the kind of ‘summary’ that you’ve read already.

      If so, then (based on the few chapters I read) it may be ok to just join in wherever the manwha has reached so far. Personally, I feel the novel version does a far better job with thoughts, interactions and humor 🙂

  2. What better time to catch up on BTTH than the end of an arc 😀

    I just did a marathon from the time Xiao Yan was requesting the teacher for a 1 year deferment, all the way to this chapter. Had a great time catching up, but now I guess I should wait for more chapters to build up again before reading the desert arc 😛

    Thank you for all the hard work, translators (and editors etc.) 🙂 I don’t dare to comment on individual chapters when I’m not reading them, as the temptation is too much … but really appreciate that a good group is regularly TLing this series.

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