BP Chapter 766

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Chapter 766: Shared Soul

Hui Yue’s entire world turned black; he noticed nothing as his body doubled over and collapsed to the ground.

Hui Yue’s eyes were open and lifeless, his body limp. Everything went silent for a moment. No one attacked as everyone looked at the young man who had lost the spark of life, and a short moment after roars of agony sounded out.

Lan Feng was pale, and blood started to ooze out of his mouth, ears, and eyes. A scream echoed from deep within his throat, and then he went limp as well collapsing to the ground, looking as lifeless as Hui Yue.

Xiao She, who had been fighting side by side with Lan Feng stopped what she was doing and checked up on him. Only when she noticed a faint breathing and that his heart was beating slightly, did she relax. Her eyes turned red as she started slaughtering without care for what might happen to her.

This same scene played out everywhere. The humans and beasts lost all sense. The pain of seeing Hui Yue stabbed made them lose their reasoning, and they started slaughtering their enemies with ease in a bloodlust as if they could bring Hui Yue back if they managed to kill the Blood Demons fast enough.

The demons who had been pushed back before were now decimated. Wang Ju Long looked at the blood prince who had killed Hui Yue, and her eyes turned completely black. She reached out her hand and with a small gesture corroded all of his remaining lifeforce. The blood prince never even noticed what had happened.

The rest of the Blood Demons soon followed suit. Their lives were corroded, and they died without realizing what had happened.

Seeing that their enemies had died, all of them rushed to Hui Yue’s side, but Wang Ju Long stopped them; her eyes were still black, and her face had a peculiar expression on it.

“Don’t go close!” she roared loudly, and everyone stopped in their tracks. Wang Ju Long was not one to scream, and she clearly understood everyone’s emotions of wanting to be close to him now that he had passed away.

“There might still be a chance!” she said in a low voice, and everyone was stunned by her words, but their lifeless eyes regained some of their previous splendor and excitement.

“He has not died?” Huli asked in a small voice that was choked with sobs, and Sha Yun could not even speak, her eyes just staring at Wang Ju Long, waiting for the woman to answer.

“He was comprehending the heavenly dao of life,” Wang Ju Long explained. “It was descending when he was fighting which was why he became preoccupied and allowed for the blood prince to strike him. The feeling of being showered by the heavenly dao cannot be described; it has to be experienced.”

“Were this the heavenly dao of fate, death, earth or heaven then there would be nothing we could do, but the heavenly dao that Yue iswas currently comprehending iswas the dao of life!”

“I can still sense the heavenly dao all around us, and it is entering Yue as we speak. He might be able to pull out a miracle for us. If he does not then we will have to go to the Yellow River and ask He Bo to return him to us.”

The others wiped their wayward tears that had made their way down their cheek, and they all nodded their head. Even if Hui Yue died, it did not mean that this was the end. He could still be saved!

No one said anything, everyone just tossed the dead demons into a pile and sat down in a circle around the collapsed Hui Yue.

No one dared to go to close out of fear that they might affect his merger with the heavenly dao of life, and instead, they merely watched for anyone who might be coming their way.

Hui Yue saw nothing but darkness around him. A soft and gentle feeling eased his soul and slowly dragged it away, but at the same time, it was also as if something was holding onto him.

“What’s going on?” Hui Yue mumbled to himself, “Life and death, death and life… They are intertwined and cannot be separated. Is it my fate to die now?”

Hui Yue felt a pang of sadness when he thought about how he was leaving behind his friends, his wives, his family, and his unfinished business.

The moment that sadness reached his soul he suddenly felt as if something jerked his soul backward. So far it had been floating forward at a very slow pace, but now he was being ripped back to where he came from with a strength much stronger than the strength that had been pulling him forward.

“Am I not dead yet?” Hui Yue asked himself. He was feeling woozy and confused. He had a hard time thinking straight, but he knew that his heart had been stabbed right through and it would be impossible to survive such a wound.

Before he had felt his soul float away, but now he started feeling it in the confinements of the body once more.

He could not move, but he could feel. A searing pain in his chest told him that being dead was a thing of the past. That he was now alive again and that his body was in urgent need of being tended to.

Unfortunately, it was not possible for him to move even an inch. He could not even wriggle his toes or fingers; he was completely paralyzed.

While the soaring pain was so intense that Hui Yue felt even worse than when he had died, he started to sense something else.

An energy was showering down upon him, pouring into his soul, and it was making him feel as light as a feather so much so that even the pain was being pushed aside.

He suddenly felt a connection within his soul. This connection was Lan Feng, the only person he shared his soul with.

The darkness that had descended upon him turned light, and Hui Yue’s soul was next to Lan Feng’s soul. The two of them were standing in a bright box of some kind, looking at one another.

“You died,” Lan Feng said with a quivering voice, and Hui Yue nodded his head. “Comprehending a heavenly dao while fighting appears to be quite dangerous,” he agreed, and Lan Feng nodded his head. “We are not going to die,” Hui Yue said with a firm and decisive voice. “We will survive this, and then we will go back to our loved ones and continue to struggle for our lives.”

“Why are we here?” Lan Feng asked, and Hui Yue shrugged, “Our souls are connected.”

“I am comprehending the heavenly dao of life, and so are you. I guess we are going to understand it here.”

Lan Feng nodded his head; it made sense. The enlightenment that Hui Yue had gained previously was shared with Lan Feng, and the two of them started to feel how the heavenly dao of life merged with their souls.

Outside the bright room that had trapped Lan Feng and Hui Yue’s souls, sat their friends. At the start, they could not feel the dao descending, but it was descending with increasingly more power and become stronger and stronger and soon it was impossible for them not to sense it.

At first, they had thought that it was only Hui Yue who was comprehending the dao, but soon it was obvious that both he and Lan Feng were being surrounded by the dao and that it was much stronger than when Wang Ju Long had her breakthrough since there were two of them now.

Hours ticked by and slowly a whole night and day had passed without anyone moving an inch. The dao continued to surround them, and even those who were not comprehending it could feel how their bodies were invigorated and filled with lifeforce.

On the second day, no one moved and even on the third and fourth day they stayed still.

Hui Yue’s wounds were all healed by the fourth day, and his body was now in perfect condition, but he was still incapable of moving even his fingers. Lan Feng and Hui Yue were still locked in the bright box thinking only about the heavenly dao of life.

Five days went by before Hui Yue, and Lan Feng opened their eyes at the same time. Much like how Wang Ju Long’s eyes were completely black, theirs were shining brightly, but this brightness quickly dissipated and their eyes returned to normal.

Hui Yue felt sore all over his body. He had left the body and returned to it; he had died and was now alive. It was no wonder that he was sore.

Still, before he had the time to regain his senses, he suddenly felt three women throwing themselves at him, and with an “uff,” he fell to the ground again with three crying women in his arms.

Lan Feng was not much better off as Xiao She had thrown herself at him, crying as she finally understood what it meant that Lan Feng and Hui Yue shared a soul. If one of them died, the other would be in a dire situation, and he probably wouldn’t manage to survive.

Hui Yue and Lan Feng both looked at one another and saw the relief in the other’s eyes before they moved their attention to their wives.

At the same time, Hui Yue and Lan Feng woke up, secluded deep on the same island, a young man opened his purple eyes.

“So they did not die, and even comprehended a heavenly dao? Their luck is terribly good,” he muttered to himself before vanishing into thin air. The last thing that sounded was his voice, “I better tell older brother An He about this.”

No one on the island noticed that a Blood Demon had survived. They did not notice that he vanished either, and even if they had, no one here was capable of stopping him.

“We ought to leave this place soon,” Hui Yue said after a bit of time, and the girls had calmed down.

“We have killed a great many Blood Demons. Therefore, it is only natural that they will send even stronger forces to come after us. Although we now have three experts that have comprehended a heavenly dao, we don’t know what they will know so we should head out.”

Everyone nodded their heads, and after a scouring all the possessions of the Blood Demons, they got ready to leave the island.

As they left the island, Hui Yue slowed down and went for Su Xiaoyun who was still in shock.

She and the Lin siblings were following Hui Yue and his friends, but they were still in shock from what they had witnessed.

“Well, we would like to encounter a few more Blood Demons,” Hui Yue said with a smile. “Can you perhaps tell us about the situation within the eastern region?”

Su Xiaoyun glanced at Hui Yue and felt rather shocked. This young man had clearly been killed just then, but he had managed to come back to life! He had comprehended a heavenly dao, and from what she understood he was even younger than her!

Su Xiaoyun nodded her head. Although she was rather preoccupied, she was aware of why Hui Yue had asked for her to help him, and she would not let him down after having seen him paying such a high price for her services.

“The eastern region is currently at war with the Blood Demons, and we have followed in the footsteps of the western region engaging in a war of attrition with small hunt squads. I will guide you to one of the closest places where we can get information about their current locations.”


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