BEM Chapter 61


Chapter 61

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Current schedule: Next Patreon goal has been reached!! Thank you for the support. There will now be 14 chapters a week, meaning two chapters every day.

I have also updated my Patreon to reflect my new novels. Every tier has early access to a certain number of unedited chapters and the chapters will be updated after I finish releasing the chapters for the day.

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  1. Hey, I have been reading a lot of the novels on this site for a long time now and feel that it is about time that i gave something back. I have not learned any other language so the only way i thought i could do this is help the current translators, I would like to offer you some help as an editor. If you feel as if i could be any help just let me know, Appreciate you taking the time out to read this

    PS. Also thanks a lot for all the work you have put in

    1. Hey seanmk21, have you tried to talk to them on discord? im not sure if turtle needs editors but im sure theres a lot of other translators here that do, if you really want to help im sure people will appreciate it

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