AWE – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Fierce Life-or-Death Battle

The sudden development occurred too quickly. In the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint, the number of cultivators who were in the eighth level of Qi Condensation was reduced from three to two. The remaining two gasped, but had little time to ponder the matter, and continued to charge toward Bai Xiaochun.

Blood oozed out of the corners of his mouth as he flew back, slamming into a tree and simultaneously pulling the greatsword out of his chest. He quickly slashed the sword out at one of the two remaining opponents. However, his target nimbly dodged to the side, allowing his companion to close in, whereupon his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and incredible power exploded out.

A boom echoed out as Bai Xiaochun was sent flying through the air, blood spraying everywhere. His clothes were now completely soaked with blood as the two Luochen Clan cultivators bore down on him. It seemed like a no-win situation, but Bai Xiaochun hadn’t given in to despair yet; he desperately wanted to live. Roaring, he performed an incantation gesture, summoning a long spear, a huge axe, and two flying swords.

Using the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art, he sent the weapons slashing viciously toward his enemies.

The faces of the two Luochen Clan cultivators fell. They quickly unleashed magical techniques, causing a boundless black fog to spring up. Booms rang out, and the magical devices Bai Xiaochun had just launched clattered to the ground. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun himself staggered backward, blood spilling out of his mouth.

“Time to end things!” For the third time, the two cultivators attacked. As the power of their cultivation bases erupted out, it seemed like they would strike Bai Xiaochun down at any moment.

“Stay alive!” he said in a hoarse voice, a gleam of madness in his eyes. “I’ve got to stay alive!”

His internal spiritual energy was flickering on the verge of sputtering out completely, but he let out a roar, and all of the power he had built up in his years of cultivation, power which had seeped into his qi passageways and bones, exploded out like hundreds of flowing streams.


Up to this point in the fighting, Bai Xiaochun had not called upon these scraps of spiritual energy, but now, in this moment of critical danger, he did. They poured into the main qi passageways, and in the blink of an eye, had transformed into a huge river. As it flowed through his body, a sound like pounding drums burst out within him.

At the same time, the cultivation base fluctuations of the seventh level of Qi Condensation suddenly erupted out.

When his two opponents, who were in the eighth level of Qi Condensation, suddenly sensed those cultivation base fluctuations coming off of him, their faces flickered with shock and disbelief.

“Making a breakthrough in the middle of fighting!?!?”

“How… how is that even possible?!?!” As they reeled in shock, Bai Xiaochun looked up, and his eyes were glowing brightly. The surge of spiritual power couldn’t heal his wounds, but it could revive him from his state of listlessness, and give him one more chance to make it out of the situation alive.

He sprang forward toward the two Luochen Clan cultivators, who cried out in alarm as black light covered his right hand, and the Throat Crushing Grasp was unleashed.

A cracking sound was heard as one of his opponents, unable to dodge, was pulled toward Bai Xiaochun’s right hand. It was almost as if some invisible force were dragging him to Bai Xiaochun, who summarily crushed his neck.

His companion looked on, scalp tingling in shock. When Bai Xiaochun turned to look at him, the man screamed, eyes shining with terror as he fell into retreat.

“Crown Prince, save me!!” This was the sole surviving clan member in the eighth level of Qi Condensation, screaming for help.

At the moment, Chen Heng was still ninety meters away. Seeing what was happening, he let out an enraged roar.

“Are you looking to die!?!?”

Bai Xiaochun didn’t even look at him; he instantly flashed an incantation gesture with his right hand and pointed out. Immediately, the fallen magical devices in the area began to tremble, and then emitted droning sounds as they apparently sensed Bai Xiaochun calling to them.

Then they suddenly flew up into the air, moving far faster than they had before, speeding toward the approaching Chen Heng to block his path.

Banging sounds rang out as Chen Heng was forced to deal with the weapons. He was in the ninth level of Qi Condensation, but even he couldn’t instantly bypass them.

As Chen Heng was being delayed, Bai Xiaochun closed in on the remaining cultivator. Eyes flickering with killing intent, he unleashed a fist strike.

A boom echoed out, and blood sprayed from the man’s mouth. He was just about to continue to fall back, but didn’t notice that Bai Xiaochun had just performed an incantation gesture with his left hand. A wooden sword appeared behind the man, closing in noiselessly and then stabbing through his head in a shower of blood.

The man’s eyes went wide as he toppled down to the ground, where he twitched a few times, blood flowing out of his mouth. Then his eyes faded, and he was dead.

Having accomplished these things, Bai Xiaochun staggered to the side. Although he had just experienced a cultivation base breakthrough, the series of deadly moves he had just unleashed had almost completely drained him. Blood oozed constantly out of his mouth as he once again lurched off into the jungle.

He knew that his final opponent was the strongest of them all, and was already able to sense that he was in the ninth level of Qi Condensation.

“Ninth level of Qi Condensation….” he thought bitterly. His burning desire to live caused his blood to surge through his heart. He knew that this time, either he would die, or his opponent would.

There was no third option.

As he made his retreat, Chen Heng let out an enraged howl. He was surrounded by a blood mist, which caused the magical devices to tremble, and then begin to crack. Moments later, they exploded, and Chen Heng shot out from within the blood mist. When he looked around at his three dead compatriots, he roared in fury, then shot after Bai Xiaochun.

The two of them sped through the jungle of the nameless mountain range, heading deeper and deeper in. Thunder boomed, even though it was daytime. No lightning was visible, but the rain poured down harder and harder.

“Are you Shangguan Tianyou, or Lu Tianlei!?” Chen Heng yelled. He quickly performed an incantation gesture, causing nine streams of blood mist to shoot toward Bai Xiaochun, like nine blood-colored anacondas.

“I’m your grandpa!” Bai Xiaochun retorted, despite how ashen his face was. After evading the attacks, he glanced back at the crown prince, who was getting closer by the moment. Trembling, he crouched down, then shot forward with even greater speed. Even as Chen Heng prepared to do the same, Bai Xiaochun’s foot slammed into a tree, stopping him mid-flight.

Then, he twisted, borrowing the momentum of the tree as it snapped back to shoot toward Chen Heng.

“I don’t care who you are,” Chen Heng said, “today, you’re gonna die!” Killing intent flickered in his eyes, and his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture. Nine blood anacondas once again shot toward Bai Xiaochun with gaping maws.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were bright red as he let out a howl. His hands flashed in a double-handed incantation gesture as he drew upon what remained of his spiritual energy to form a violet cauldron. The cauldron instantly spread out to surround him, completely blocking the path of the nine blood anacondas as he smashed toward Chen Heng.

“Child’s play!” Chen Heng said with a cold laugh. Another incantation gesture transformed the nine blood anacondas into a fog, which then re-formed around him in the shape of a blood-colored skull. Then the skull shot toward the violet cauldron.

Massive booms rang out as the violet cauldron cracked and then exploded. The blood fog skull was significantly damaged, but remained in one piece.

After the collision, the collapsed cauldron revealed Bai Xiaochun, who shot out of the fragmented remains toward the fog beneath him.

At the same time, Chen Heng’s eyes flickered. Then he leaped upward out of the fog, right hand flashing an incantation gesture to produce a vicious ghost face.

At the same time, he threw his head back and glared at Bai Xiaochun.

Their eyes met, and then they slammed into each other, one using a fist, the other a palm. Black light flashed as the Undying Iron Skin went into action to meet the bizarre magical technique that was the ghost face.

A deafening boom rang out. Blood sprayed out of Bai Xiaochun’s mouth, and cracking sounds rang out from within him as he was sent tumbling backward like a kite with its string cut, to slam into a nearby tree.

Chen Heng was shaken, and his face was ashen. His qi and blood were churning, and shock filled him regarding how powerful Bai Xiaochun was. However, he instantly shot back toward his opponent, raising his right hand, which caused all of the fog in the area to form together into a huge, blood-colored face which crushed down toward Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flickered with the ferocity that comes from being pushed into a corner. He twisted in mid air, pointing toward Chen Heng to unleash the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art.

He wasn’t using it to control random objects, but instead, Chen Heng’s body! It was a technique Chen Heng had never even heard of before. Suddenly, a powerful force wrapped around him, as though a gigantic hand had grabbed him.

He laughed coldly as his cultivation base erupted out, and the blood-colored face howled, causing Bai Xiaochun’s spiritual energy to shatter. At the same time, Chen Heng quivered.

It was in that moment that a wooden sword shot toward him, and Bai Xiaochun also charged forth, holding nothing back as he called upon the full power of his Undying Iron Skin.

“What a joke!” Chen Heng said, flicking his sleeve. The blood-colored face passed through him, crushing toward the wooden sword. When the two met, the wooden sword trembled, but didn’t break. Instead, it stabbed through the face, opening up a gap.

Bai Xiaochun dove in through that very gap, relying on his Undying Iron Skin to deal with the injuries. As he shot out, Chen Heng’s eyes flickered, and he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand.

The wave of a finger caused an arc of blood-colored light to appear, a curving blade that sliced toward Bai Xiaochun.

In the blink of an eye, the curving blood-colored light hit Bai Xiaochun, who coughed up a mouthful of blood. And yet, his fist, backed by the full power of his cultivation base, rocketed out.

A boom rang out as Chen Heng was shoved backward by several paces, his face draining of blood. However, Bai Xiaochun wasn’t done yet. As of this moment, it seemed he was completely overdrawing on his strength and even his life force… to unleash an explosive attack.


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    1. Mmmm, not too out there. I mean, It’s better than saying, “He was fighting on willpower alone…”. Willpower may let you do things you normally wouldn’t be able to, like endure pain, but performing techniques with willpower? not so much. The story at least gives justifications for each bit of energy he’s using to keep going.
      Drawing on the energy in his passageways, ok.
      Overdrawing his lifespan, fine.
      In the end, he’s only using his bare fists because he has no more energy.

  1. I knew this was going to happen. SXB has taken so much damage but can still fight those two levels ahead of him. It’s the same MC plot device Er Gen used in ISSTH. MC gets extremely hurt where they should almost die yet pulls off a victory. And so many people call this good writing?

    1. Yeah, I think it would’ve been better if there weren’t suddenly “scraps of spiritual energy” for Xaiochun call upon. That’s the thing about xianxia, the details of where energy is stored and how it’s released are often vague enough that it’s hard for the reader to say what is or isn’t possible. They’ve completely exhausted all their strength, then they force out the last bits of their strength into a burst of power, then they “overdraw” (whatever that means) from their strength, then they draw from their life force. And even the most basic xianxia has body cultivation and qi cultivation, so that’s two types of energies to complicate things.

      1. Well, agree to disagree, because it was made extremely clear how much food he’d eaten in the ovens that contained spiritual energy, storing in his body. Not just that, there’s also all the pills of third enhancement, all the other precious materials he’s eaten. It isn’t too much of a deus ex machina to use this much latent energy, especially in a life or death, INTENSE AF battle

    2. The issue here is that you are judging 60 some chapters based on this one chapter. If I wanted to, I can take some small excerpt out of a novel like Ulysses and call the novel cliche based on that. But that is not true is it? Also, people don’t call Er Gen great for fight scenes, they call him great for comedy.

      BXC is able to continue fighting because he has good def and he really wants to live. I think you underestimate what people can go through for the sake of living.

      1. yep this is true..

        I once saw a CAT cornered a Mouse in an alley, the mouse having no place to go..
        attacked the cat, which send the cat scrambling for his dear life

        The cat ran so fast I think it burned 7-8 life out of his 9 lives.

  2. Sadly it feels EXACTLY like ISSTH.
    No power > magical object no one knew about > more power > little sect problems > being best in the little sect > something > bigger sect & repeat.

    And obviously ‘sending message’ in thoughts is so simple and easy for everyone. Same goes with ‘almost dying but fighting harder’.

    I really hoped for a original story about a coward.
    For not caring about others. For absolute lack of chapters from the perspective of bad guys.

    Just… Sigh.

    1. A coward can never achieve much.
      And if you want a story with an a**hole mc, this is obviously not the novel you’re looking for. I never thought of him as a coward, and he never was. It’s just that he’s overly scared of dying, but even that is not enough to make him sacrifice his friends to save his own skin.
      The rest is easy, if his incredible fear of death fueled his resolve, I don’t see why he shouldn’t get stronger and improve.

      And btw, the pattern you mentioned applies to almost every xianxia novel. (Not the exact pattern but the ideas in general)

      1. First of all – you don’t know what he could achieve if the story was written in a different manner. No one will know that because for now it’s becoming a copy of ISSTH.
        Come on… “erupting cultivation base”, “fluctuating cultivation base”, “doing X to/with cultivation base”… He’s even making MC in here going all meele fighting style + some supporting moves. EXACTLY like Meng Hao.

        Secondly, you do know the meaning of a “friend”, right? They’re not his friends. They’re his acquaintances. That’s it. She was even ultra mean towards him. And informing a sect & surviving > saving 1 or 2 people. You know that.
        And I didn’t say “he shouldn’t get stronger”. He should, most definitely – after all he wants to live forever. But by self-teaching, by cultivating (I keep wondering what that really is, cause it’s literally never explained how does it really work), by creating unique techniques… Not by actual fights, when he’s so damn scared of every auchie he can feel.

        About pattern I mentioned – you’re right. Actually, you’re double right.
        1. Yes, pattern is common and overused. You’d think that author won’t ditto the same damn pattern from his other LN, right?
        2. As you said – ALMOST. So it IS possible to be original? Rebirth of the Thief, Absolute Choice, Skyfire Avenue, Heavenly Jewel Change… Not to mention some Korean ones. They somehow can be original? So how about at least trying to be? Not literally doing a rework of his previous novel?

        I like the plot mind you. I like the world and the history Er Gen is creating in his novels.
        But I absolutely despise the fact he’s overusing cheap plot devices and same exact descriptions as from ISSTH.

        1. For arguments sake, can you explain how those novels you quote are original? I have read HJC and did feel it was different due to the comedy. But other than that, it felt like ATG. I do feel the fights by Er Gen are preety generic in description, but all fights are generic by nature and the fights are not the draw here, its the things he does in between fights. BXC will become more interesting after this arc.

          1. Sorry for the delay, long day.
            Yeah, sure, can do.
            Although I am not sure if we can mutually understand each other if you think HJC is close to ATG.

            In ATG (any many other xianxia novels), there are villains, who live even though MC had opportunity and reason to kill them earlier. Multiple times. Yet author is dragging the plot with riddiculous things.
            You don’t see that in any of LNs I mentioned.
            What’s more, the pace, the plot, patterns… There are no “join the sect A -> get stronger -> join the sect B” things in them.
            Somehow authors CAN come up with new interesting things. Not being repetetive.
            Not to even mention whole “Only good guys in my LN have honour, rest of them are scoundrels and liars!” kind of attitude (which is laughable).

            And seriously, Er Gen proved me right in next chapter, when he used “magical old wok”.

        2. I would also like to mention that him using the same descriptions is good, firstly because it is consistent. Secondly, they are all part of the same universe so of course it will have the same description. The tiers of cultivation are clearly laid out so the reader always know the power levels.

  3. Thanks for the chapter!

    “And yet, his fist, backed by the full power of his cultivation base, rocketed out.” This makes me imagine him doing a rocket punch, like the old mecha shows often had. Haha.
    (Check the tv tropes page: http://tvtropes [dot] org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/RocketPunch)

  4. Ok he had a breakthrough when fighting…..but what about the filth that his body expels?? Author forgot about it? It was washed by the rain??( If that was the case I am sure author would have mentioned it)

    1. I think his skin turned black when he uses his Undying Iron Skin, so they probably didn’t notice it. Plus there is no point mentioning the filth since they don’t contributed to the fight; unless the author have Bai Xiaochun grab the filth and fling into the opponent’s eyes to blind them so he can escape.

  5. That was the first chapter that I actually got annoying by what was happening… I mean, if you really want to make sense out of what happened, you could say that because it was his first serious situation, he didn’t actually know his limits. Even while feeling like he was pushing himself to the max, he still had something more in him. But the concept of final desperate move was used way too many times in a row… (not to mention that at the first fight vs the level8, he supposedly used all his moves to take him out, while the following level8 died in 1 move even while they were just trying to stall a bit)

  6. How is the MC acquiring replacement qi from nowhere?

    Not only that, but for a dozen times in a row he makes a “final desperate attack” that pulls replacement qi out of his own arsehole

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