Author Spotlight: I Eat Tomatoes

Hey everyone, we all love the novels, but barely anyone knows anything about the authors behind the novels. So, check out the long-awaited second installment of the Author Spotlight series!

So for those who were there for the first one… Yea. I’m a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit late… 😐
But I have learned from my mistakes! I am not promising when the next one will be out, but there will be another!

Now, for the second spotlight, I present to you all, I Eat Tomatoes!

P.S – Here’s the poll for the next author spotlight. Consider these suggestions for the next author to spotlight. I may or may not actually follow the results of the poll. Also, there is no estimated time for the next spotlight since I’m horrible at keeping schedules.

P.P.S – Happy New Year!

30 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: I Eat Tomatoes” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Happy new year to you too!
    I had not easy choice between Er Gen and Mad Snails but guess what…
    Maybe you are right, anyway you have 50% chance to guess right 😀

  2. Wish someone would do Zhttty. He’s famous in China for starting the Infinity genre, which is basically “Gantz X Game Element X Evolution”, but despite one of his works Terror Infinity being about 2/3 translated few people know of the genre he started.

  3. Guys.. Please vote for the next one mad snail, so lots of people can spit on his face lmfao,, seriously i vote for him, (i want ergen but.. My hatred is bigger..)

  4. Thank you very much, loved the Author Spotlight posts, i hope to see some more in the future, specially the section with some of the authors works and the brief summaries, also with the indications for future readings =OOOOOO

  5. Un pin this already how long is it going to stay at the top messing up the mobile page. Need to scroll past this every time I load up the mobile site to check on updates it’s getting old it’s been there for months since December.

    1. I’m with you man, this has been pinned for way too long. Ren usually limits them for a month or a couple weeks. We’re heading into the third month now 0_o

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