Author Spotlight: I Eat Tomatoes

Hey everyone, we all love the novels, but barely anyone knows anything about the authors behind the novels. So, check out the long-awaited second installment of the Author Spotlight series!

So for those who were there for the first one… Yea. I’m a weeeeeeeeeeeee bit late… 😐
But I have learned from my mistakes! I am not promising when the next one will be out, but there will be another!

Now, for the second spotlight, I present to you all, I Eat Tomatoes!

P.S – Here’s the poll for the next author spotlight. Consider these suggestions for the next author to spotlight. I may or may not actually follow the results of the poll. Also, there is no estimated time for the next spotlight since I’m horrible at keeping schedules.

P.P.S – Happy New Year!

28 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: I Eat Tomatoes” - NO SPOILERS

  1. Happy new year to you too!
    I had not easy choice between Er Gen and Mad Snails but guess what…
    Maybe you are right, anyway you have 50% chance to guess right 😀

  2. Wish someone would do Zhttty. He’s famous in China for starting the Infinity genre, which is basically “Gantz X Game Element X Evolution”, but despite one of his works Terror Infinity being about 2/3 translated few people know of the genre he started.

  3. Guys.. Please vote for the next one mad snail, so lots of people can spit on his face lmfao,, seriously i vote for him, (i want ergen but.. My hatred is bigger..)

  4. Thank you very much, loved the Author Spotlight posts, i hope to see some more in the future, specially the section with some of the authors works and the brief summaries, also with the indications for future readings =OOOOOO

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