Author Spotlight: China’s King of Internet Authors

Hey everyone, we all love the novels, but barely anyone knows anything about the authors behind the novels. So, I’ve decided to start a sort of series that will spotlight each author and what they have accomplished.

Now, for the first spotlight, I present to you all, China’s King of Internet Authors: Tang Jia San Shao!

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P.S This one actually took me several months of working on it on and off, so I’m going to aim for to finish one every month or two.
P.P.S – Results for the poll will be released on June 7th.

Results: With 50% of the votes, IET wins! Er Gen trailed behind with a 36% share of the votes.
The next Author Spotlight on IET will out within the next month or so.

49 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: China’s King of Internet Authors” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

        1. Don’t be silly, it’s like if I write under a pen name, and name my main character the same name. So, yes it’s a valid point, still incredibly sad and pathetic.

      1. >Tang Jia San Shao married Li Mo in May, 2007. On their wedding day, he presented her with 137 love letters. The names of the hero and heroine in his debut novel, Child of Light, are derived from his and his wife’s name.

        Eh. I don’t think he cares tbh. The man is insanely romantic irl too.

      2. I really hope you are being sarcastic. If this guy is a pathetic loser very, very, very few people on this planet can claim that they aren’t pathetic losers.

        1. Lol? How is naming your super strong/handsome/talented after yourself NOT pathetic? The lengths you people will go to defend someone you like, to the point of self-delusion.

          1. Why do you care so much?
            Anyway, if you think he is pathetic than go ahead, but respect other people’s opinions too.

            Also, what we’re here for is to read novels, not question the author’s morals and beliefs. Just because you think he’s pathetic, doesn’t mean that everybody has to too.

  1. The post is so incredibly done and I also like the various photos that were selected. Great job!

    I would love to know about author Mar’s gravity. The other I know from poll would be Er gen cause of DB posts and I just know that IET is very popular and is from same time of Tang Jia San Shao novels.

  2. Eh, really ? Well I guess that’s expected since there are a lot of his novels here but honestly I think he’s among the worst Xianxia authors I know. Most of his works are just mediocre, with Douluo Dalu being the only exception and it still wouldn’t be that good. I won’t say IET is perfect but he would deserve the first sport, and Er Gen on another is truly among the best.

    1. I think you’ll find it much more clear why TJSS is the “King” once I’ve finished the IET and Er Gen author spotlights. 🙂

      A bit of insight first though. TJSS’s series have a much wider appeal, ranging from xianxia, to western fantasy, to modern fantasy, and sci-fi. On the other hand,IET and Er Gen both have one style they primarily write in, which they are great at. Er Gen is also an upstart author who only became popular in the more recent years.
      Of course, this is just my opinion based on the things I’ve read about them.

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