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Chapter 917 – Three Things

“Ah… This… I…” Xia Yuanba had been completely stunned silly. He held the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler and the Saint Emperor Seal helplessly as he stood there, not knowing what to do. After that, he stammered, “This disciple is only… is only a junior who entered Absolute Monarch Sanctuary a few years ago, so how… so how can I…”

“Yuanba, this is definitely not a joke” Huangji Wuyu said in a solemn and grave voice. “Even if today’s events had not happened, you were the one who was going to inherit the title of Saint Emperor. When I had let you use the Heavenly Sacred Divine Ark at that time, it was basically the same as informing everyone in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary of this impending matter. So this current situation we find ourselves in is merely me pushing this matter forward a little bit.”

“Yuanba, there is no need for you to evade or push this away anymore. You already accepted the Primal Chaos Heavenly Ruler and the Saint Emperor Seal. You have also received the respect that we have paid you. From this moment onwards, you are the new Saint Emperor of our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary. From now on, everyone in Absolute Monarch Sanctuary will unfailingly obey the commands of the new Saint Emperor,” Spiritual Master Bitter Agony hurriedly said. At the same time, a thought rang out in his head, “This little sect master of ours, hurry up and accept it. If you don’t, all of us old bones here are going to have to perform our last rites right here, right now. This little sect master’s growth speed is monstrous but why is his head like a stone?”

“Yuanba, since the entire Absolute Monarch Sanctuary is willing to take you as their leader from today onwards, then it means that they have all acknowledged you. So what is there to reject anyways?” Yun Che said with a laugh. “If your father finds out, who knows how elated and honored he would feel.”

“Furthermore, if they all become people who are under you, then I can naturally consider getting purging the devilish poison from their bodies.”

Xia Yuanba was stuck in a daze for a little while longer before suddenly and hurriedly saying, “Fine, fine. Lord Saint Emperor, Master, all the various Seniors, please rise.”

At this moment, Yun Che extended his hand as a dome of emerald-green light completely engulfed all of the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary who had been afflicted by the devilish poison. In the blink of an eye, all of the devilish poison had been completely purged from their bodies.

The agony and the feeling of impending death disappeared in this moment and all of the powerful individuals of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary felt as if they had woken up from a nightmare. They slowly stood up, every single person’s body was drenched in sweat. A few of the great Spiritual Masters bowed at the same time as they said, “We thank Asgard Master Yun for saving our lives.”

“There is no need for that, I am merely doing this for Yuanba,” Yun Che said coldly.

In that remote corner, Qin Wushang gave a deep sigh when he saw the members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace escape the grasp of the devilish poison with Yun Che’s help. After that, he said, “Yun Che has clearly changed. He has became far more warm and compassionate compared to before. All those years ago, he completely obliterated the Burning Heaven Clan because of something that any outsider would feel was not too serious. I am afraid that this is something that no one has ever forgotten.”

“No.” Dongfang Xiu said while shaking his head, “It is not that his temperament has changed, it is just that the height that he is standing at is no longer the same.”


“The reason why the past Yun Che wanted to exterminate the Burning Heaven Clan was not merely due to his fury at the time. He also did it because he had been afraid. Afraid of the possibility that something from the past would come back and haunt him. But right now, is there still a single person under the heavens that is qualified to cause him fear?” Dongfang Xiu said while chuckling,

Qin Wushang thought about it briefly before he started nodding his head and smiling as well, “Our majesty can finally return as well. With Yun Che around, I’m afraid that even the previously small Blue Wind Nation is about to become the overlord of the Profound Sky Continent.”

“Hahahaha.” Dongfang Xiu could not help but break out into a hearty laugh. Who would have guessed that the person Cang Yue, who had changed her name to Lan Xueruo at the time, had found after travelling throughout the entire Blue Wind Nation, would actually soar to such great heights… Furthermore, he had lifted all of Blue Wind Nation with him as well.

As a result of the erosion of the devilish poison and the heavy injuries he had already sustained, Huangji Wuyu’s aura had become incredibly weak and shallow. He staggered in front of Yun Che before speaking, “Asgard Master Yun, if not for you, it would not only have been our Absolute Monarch Sanctuary, the entire Profound Sky Continent would have been plunged into a calamity. I, Huangji Wuyu, have tried to harm you twice in the past and I am well aware that I have no room to beg for forgiveness. Now that Absolute Monarch Sanctuary has been handed over to a new Saint Emperor, I no longer have any regrets. You are free to do what you want to me.”

“Saint… Saint Emperor!” Huangji Wuyu’s word caused the entire Absolute Monarch Sanctuary to become greatly shocked.

“Heh.” Yun Che gave a cold snort, “If you want to die, I naturally will not stand in your way. However, it would be best if you didn’t hurry to your death in the meantime. Your life still has some use to me.”

Huangji Wuyu, “…”

Yun Che turned around and faced both Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace before speaking in a deep and booming voice, “The biggest reason for me saving all of you today is because you can still be considered part of the righteous faction. Even though I have gotten rid of the poison plaguing you, it doesn’t mean that I have forgotten the resentments and grievances that we share. If you want to continue living in peace and harmony on this continent… then you need to promise me three things!”

The gathered members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace felt a chill run down their spines. The Supreme Ocean Palace’s Purple Venerable One asked in an extremely cautious manner, “What does… What does Asgard Master Yun desire to inform us about? Our lives were all saved by Asgard Master Yun, so if we are able to do, we will definitely throw all our efforts into accomplishing that mission.”

“Asgard Master Yun, please speak. We definitely will not reject you,” Spiritual Master Bitter Agony said.

“Good!” Yun Che said in an extremely calm and tranquil voice as he gave a faint nod of his head. “The first thing I want you to accomplish is this. I don’t care what method you use but there needs to be a spatial teleportation formation within thirty days! The sending point must be situated in the Snow Region of Extreme Ice in Blue Wind Nation. The sending point in the Illusory Demon Realm should be set in Demon Imperial City… Naturally, I will be the one to speak to and instruct the people in Demon Imperial City.”

Everyone glanced at one another after those words. All those years ago, the Four Sacred Grounds had joined hands and they required more than a month to create a spatial tunnel that reached the Illusory Demon Realm from the Profound Sky Continent. If there were only two Sacred Grounds, not only would the task be exceedingly difficult, it would also require them to spend an ungodly amount of resources to do so.

But how would they dare reject it? The Supreme Ocean Palace’s Venerable Purple immediately said, “Don’t worry Asgard Maser Yun, we will definitely not disappoint you a month from now.”

“Very good, let’s move onto the second thing,” Yun Che said as his eyes faintly narrowed. “In thirty days time, after you have completed the spatial teleportation formation, all of you need to use that teleportation formation to go to the Demon Imperial City. Once all of you are there, you need to kowtow and apologize to the Illusory Demon Imperial Family! If the Little Demon Empress wants to kill any of you, no matter who and how many of you she kills, none of you are allowed to object! This is the evil that all of you have sown, so this is also the result that you have reaped.”

The faces of the gathered members of Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace all turned dark and they were not able to say even a single word. Even though they had been roped into Xuanyuan Wentian’s scheme all those years ago, the thing that had pushed them into this scheme was undoubtedly their very own greed. They not only brought a calamity down on Demon Imperial City, they had even made the Illusory Demon Realm out to be some sort of demonic land that was eyeing the Profound Sky Continent covetously, to the people in the Profound Sky Continent.

They could deny this in front of all the other people under heaven but how could they try to defend themselves in front of Yun Che, the “Demon Lord” of the Illusory Demon Realm?

“Even though we were bewitched by that old villain Xuanyuan all those years ago, we still committed a great wrong. At that time… we will definitely go forward to apologize and make amends. If we can come back with our lives, we will also clean up the name of the Illusory Demon Realm within the Profound Sky Continent,” Spiritual Master Nine Lamentations spoke in a voice filled with regret.

“Very good… Now onto the third matter.” Yun Che’s gaze slanted to the side as murderous intent radiated from his body, “After thirty days have passed, I do not expect to see Sun Moon Divine Hall or Mighty Heavenly Sword Region still on this earth.”

Those short few words were shockingly an order to completely obliterate Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region—It was a merciless and cruel absolute order to destroy those two Sacred Grounds which had persisted for ten thousand years!

When the two Sacred Grounds, who had been shaking and trembling in fear, heard those unexpected words, they were all so shocked that all the color drained from their bodies. Xuanyuan Bo knelt to the ground immediately as he spoke in a stammer, “Asgard Master Yun… Spare our lives, spare our lives, please! We were also forced by the Sword Master… Ah, no, we were forced into this by that evil villain Xuanyuan Wentian.”

“Asgard Master Yun.” The gathered Divine Envoys of Sun Moon Divine Hall hurriedly strode forward, speaking with fear and trepidation, “The Heavenly Monarch was the only person who wanted to swear loyalty to that old villain Xuanyuan, the rest of us definitely did not share his sentiment. We beg… We beg Asgard Master Yun to have mercy on us. We will definitely be at your beck and call from now onwards, we will obey every command that you give us without hesitation.”

“Heh.” Yun Che gave a cold laugh. “What does you wanting or not wanting to swear fealty to Xuanyuan Wentian have to do with me? I can still choose to forget about the fact that you wanted to kill me but… one hundred years ago, both of your Sacred Grounds joined hands to cause the death of the Demon Emperor and the deaths of eleven seniors from my Illusory Demon Yun Family! You caused the death of my grandfather and you even tried to pursue and kill my parents over twenty years ago, nearly consigning them to damnation. You lot also caused me to be separated from my family for more than twenty years while destroying the Xiao family in Floating Cloud City…”

The killing intent that radiated from Yun Che’s body grew more intense with every word that passed from Yun Che’s lips. He was covered in blood and wounds and looked as if he was not far from death but the extremely heavy aura of malevolence that radiated from him caused these powerhouses, who had scaled the very heights of power, to tremble violently. Their chests felt heavy and their hearts were dominated by fear, unable to work up even a single thought to resist.

“All of these sins must be paid for with your blood!”

Yun Che’s words and killing intent caused all of their faces to go even whiter. Xuanyuan Bo’s had a tragic expression on his face as he shouted, “Asgard Master Yun, we… we only did as we were ordered. Every wrong has its source and every debt has its debtor. Asgard Master Yun’s profound strength covers the sky and his heart is as broad as the blue ocean, so you definitely… definitely will understand the meaning of these words. Ah… Right, right, Asgard Master Yun has said these words before, the living are always more useful than the dead. Our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region is still a peak power that has existed for ten thousand years, so we will definitely be very useful to Asgard Master Yun. Asgard Master Yun has already compassionately and benevolently spared Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace. If you can spare our Mighty Heavenly Sword Region as well, everyone who is part of Mighty Heavenly Sword Region will completely listen to the commands of Asgard Master Yun. We definitely won’t… definitely won’t dare to defy you in any way.”

Xuanyuan Bo’s words were incomparably petty and pitiful. It was very clear that he was a person who cherished his life. Once Xuanyuan Bo had opened his mouth, the Divine Envoys of Sun Moon Divine Hall could only grit their teeth and bow while speaking, “In the past, we obeyed every word that proceeded from the lips of the Heavenly Monarch, we basically had no say in the matter. If we are able to obtain Asgard Master Yun’s forgiveness, we will definitely view Asgard Master Yun as our master from now on and Asgard Master Yun’s words will never be defied, even if we were to die ten thousand times.”

“…” Yun Che lapsed into a momentary silence before a faint smile suddenly appeared on his face, “Ah, your words have indeed reminded me of something. You’re right, two Sacred Grounds which have persisted for ten thousand years naturally have an ability that far defies the norm. If we can preserve these two powers, it will definitely be countless times more worthwhile than simply killing the lot of you. The two main culprits, Xuanyuan Wentian and Ye Meixie, are already dead, so if I wantonly vented my rage on all of you, then wouldn’t it make me out to be a cruel and merciless person?”

Yun Che’s words had caused all the members of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region to be filled with joy and hope. After that, Yun Che continued, “Since that is the case, then I’ll let it be. I managed to kill Xuanyuan Wentian today, so I’m in quite a good mood. As long as all of you are sufficiently obedient, I can’t be bothered to stain my hands in blood anymore.”

These words pulled them back from the edge of oblivion. All of the members of Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region knelt down as they spoke in an incredibly emotional manner, “We thank Asgard Master Yun for not ending our lives, we swear to follow Asgard Master Yun to our deaths from this day forth.”

“Fine. Then during this month, the lot of you should help Absolute Monarch Sanctuary and Supreme Ocean Palace to build that spatial teleportation formation which will link the Profound Sky Continent and the Illusory Demon Realm. You’ll need to devote all of your efforts to it and I definitely do not expect to discover any deviations.”

“Yes, yes, yes,” Xuanyuan Bo and the rest of them hurriedly replied. They had just gone to the gates of hell and back, so they were drenched with sweat and they nodded their heads like clockwork.

Yun Che turned around, his back facing Sun Moon Divine Hall and Mighty Heavenly Sword Region. Huangji Wuyu was the person who was closest to him and when Yun Che had turned around, he had clearly seen Yun Che’s lips hook up into an incomparably dark and evil smirk. That instant of killing intent was not strong or intense but it felt like a steel needle that came from the depths of hell itself as it fiercely stabbed at his soul, causing the one who had reigned as emperor over Absolute Monarch Sanctuary for a thousand years to go completely rigid. A chill spread across his entire body. It did not fade away until much later.

Author’s Note:

【Hm? I received many messages from readers telling me that they could not bear for Fen Juechen to suffer such a fate and that they hoped that Fen Juechen could be rescued. There were even some who felt that his death was rather sudden and they even suspected that I simply killed him off in a fit of pique. It looks like there was truly no one who truly noticed the implicit meaning of the name “Fen Juechen.”】

【Even though I name my minor characters very casually (That’s right, Random Name Generator), the names of the important characters still have some thought behind them. For example Pojun, Qiushui, Lengya and Yuanba, all of these names leave some clues as to their personalities and their fates. So the name “Fen Juechen” basically means being burned down until not even the dust remains… From the moment I gave him that name, it meant that he was fated to meet an end where his body and soul are destroyed. Because his very existence is a tragedy, he was a tool that Xuanyuan Wentian “created” and he was also a tool I used to create a big BOSS. Furthermore, because he had to experience reincarnation using a forbidden art, his soul was already distorted and badly damaged, so he was naturally an extremely solitary and extreme person. Moreover, this is not the same case as it was with Tian Chen’s Lengya, where he was cold on the surface but warm on the inside. So I had originally thought that he would be an extremely unlikable character, so I did not expect him to actually be so well-received by so many readers.】

【So it looks like he can rest in peace.】

【Resurrection? Youngsters, don’t overthink this, the Profound Sky Continent doesn’t have seven Dragon Balls. Even if we could really cross space and reach Planet Namek and gather the seven Dragon Balls to revive him, what good would that do? Xuanyuan Wentian is already dead, so his goal in life has been achieved. All of his relatives are dead and he does not even have a place to return to you. He likes Xiao Lingxi but Xiao Lingxi only treats him as her benefactor and her heart continually pines for Yun Che, his greatest enemy who wiped out his entire family…】

【The revived Fen Juechen is having second thoughts. Forget it, it’s better to go die… die!】

【Shenron: MMP!】

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