ATG – Chapter 420

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Chapter 420 – Promise

A scene of fluttering snow had shrunk down the distance between Yun Che and Feng Xue’er by an extremely great extent. Feng Xue’er’s mood had also become extraordinarily cheerful; because to her, the fluttering snow as far as one’s eye could see, had always been the most beautiful dream she had yearned for.

“Big Brother Yun, the snow you made, is a type of water attribute profound art, right?” Feng Xue’er cupped her charming cheeks with her hands, looking at him with a glimmering gaze. This pure and untainted sprite, all of her feelings were displayed on her snow-like face without any hesitation. At the same time she spoke these words, she also expressed her curiosity and yearning for this kind of profound art.

“Mhm, it’s called ‘Frozen Cloud Arts’. To be precise, it’s a type of ice attribute profound art.” Yun Che answered without concealment, because he believed that Feng Xue’er definitely had never heard of this profound art’s name before. But he still casually added on: “Xue’er, have you ever heard of this profound art?”

“No.” Feng Xue’er lightly shook her small head, and asked curiously: “But, why would you know ice attribute profound arts? Our Phoenix bloodline can burn the most ferocious phoenix flames, but wouldn’t the power of fire attribute and ice attribute profound art conflict with each other? I had never heard of anyone in the sect that actually practiced water attribute profound arts. Royal father seemed to have said that there isn’t even anyone in the entire Divine Phoenix City.”

Water and fire suppressed one another, and could not have common grounds. Even if one cultivates them, when one type of profound energy is used, the other type must be suppressed to the utmost, otherwise, the two types of profound energy would cancel out by themselves, or even become chaotic. This was the most fundamental common sense of the profound way. Thus, practicing profound arts opposite of one’s own attribute, other than wasting energy and fruitlessly increasing the risk that one might stir up just by mere carelessness, it could be said to be completely useless. Divine Phoenix Empire’s fire elements were extraordinarily lively, and was an extremely fitting place to practice fire attribute profound arts. The profound practitioners there all basically practiced fire attribute profound arts as well. Other than occasional foreigners, profound practitioners who practice water profound arts simply couldn’t be found at all. Even foreigners, because of the fire element’s activeness, their bodies and profound veins would feel discomfort of various degrees if water attribute profound arts were the only thing they practiced.

So, Feng Xue’er naturally had such a question.

Yun Che said calmly: “Xue’er, did you know that our Divine Phoenix Sect’s force isn’t merely limited to Divine Phoenix Empire? There are many clansmen who are sent to other nations since childhood, then conceal their phoenix bloodline and join the relatively powerful and prestigious local sect or force, thereby obtaining information and intel, making up our sect’s information network.”

Feng Xue’er’s charming lips slightly opened, then, she lightly nodded: “Mn, this I know. Father has told me about this before… Big Brother Yun, are you someone who was sent to the outside since childhood?”

Feng Xue’er naturally wouldn’t doubt Yun Che’s words. Because constructing information networks, was one of the things that every single powerful sect had to do, and information networks, were even one of the lifelines of a sect. Heavenly Sword Villa, Xiao Sect, and even Blue Wind Profound Palace all had disciples planted into other great sects, not to mention the colossal Divine Phoenix Sect.

“Yes, the place I was sent to, is called Blue Wind Nation, and I’ve only returned to the sect this year.” Yun Che nodded. He answered with extreme calmness without any undulation; it was almost impossible for even a person who was extremely experienced to notice the traces of a lie within his gaze and expression. But when these words left his mouth, his heart and soul was violently clutched and pulled.

In these years of two lifetimes, in order to achieve a certain purpose, or for survival, he had spoken concealing and misguiding words countless times, and had been long trained to the point that his heart wouldn’t change it’s rhythm and the expression on his face wouldn’t alter in the slightest. But this time, the person he was facing was a girl who was more pure than even the snow itself, and had moreover saved his life… Such a lie, was only for concealing and achieving his purpose, and absolutely didn’t have any intention to harm her; yet the sense of guilt and sin in his heart was record-breakingly intense.

“Blue Wind Nation…” Feng Xue’er knew this country, and also knew that it was the smallest nation of the continent. Her charming eyes blinked once, as she continued asking: “Then is Big Brother Yun’s Frozen Cloud Arts, learnt from there? Since there are ice attribute profound arts, then would there be a lot of snow?”

“Mhm.” Yun che nodded: “That is a place called the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. The entire five hundred kilometers over there, are all white snow.”

“Five hundred kilometers… White snow?” Feng Xue’er’s cherry lips opened up in surprise. She couldn’t imagine just what kind of marvelous scenery that would be.

“An entire five hundred kilometers, all covered by snow, moreover, very very thick snow. Even if one shatters a dozen feet of the snow layer, what’s beneath is still snow.” Yun Che said while smiling. He believed that the Snow Region of Extreme Ice must be a heaven-like place for Feng Xue’er who likes snow. He narrated earnestly: “Because that place is very cold, the ice and snow over there wouldn’t even melt in tens of milleniums… Look, all these surrounding mountains are all soil and stone, but at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, even the ridges and peaks are covered by layers of snow and ice. The sky at where we are is blue, but over there, even the sky is projected to a pure white by the reflections of the endless snow. In that entire world, there is only a stretch of white without bounds. The sky and earth can’t be distinguished, it’s so pure and quiet that one could hear the sound of their own heartbeat.”

“Wah…” Fen Xue’er’s hands had unwittingly covered her lips, her gaze as misty as fog: “Is there… really such a place… Snow Region of Extreme Ice… Snow Region of Extreme Ice…”

“Not only that, even though it’s all snow, there are also many flower and plants. And the flowers there, are all ice flowers similar to crystals, and even the grass and trees are sparkling with the glimmer of ice. There are also very beautiful ice corals, and natural ice sculptures of various shapes. These, are all unable to be seen at other places. Because once these things leave the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, they would all very quickly melt. Also…” Yun Che pointed toward the Snow Phoenix: “Little Chan was also nurtured up at the Snow Region of Extreme Ice, so its feather is just like the white snow. In the entire Profound Sky Continent, Snow Phoenix Beasts only exist there. To have left that place with me, Little Chan has worked hard.”

Snow Phoenix Beast uttered a light cry.

Feng Xue’er’s entire person became stupefied there. She felt as if she had fallen into an illusory world that hadn’t ever appeared even in her dreams. The beauty of that place, surpassed the most beautiful heaven she had fantasized about… Even with all of her knowledge, she couldn’t draw how just how beautiful of a picture scroll that would be… Endless spanning snow, snow-white mountains, snow-white skies, sparkling and translucent trees and flowers, as flocks of birds as pretty as Little White fluttered and danced in the sky…

“Snow Region of Extreme Ice… Snow Region of Extreme Ice…” She muttered this name as if deliriously raving, feeling as though her heart and spirit had already melted.

“Does Xue’er want to go there?” Yun Che asked a question that he could completely be sure of the answer just by the look of her expression.

“Mhm!” Feng Xue’er very strongly nodded, her white and glossy cheeks were adorned with a bit of excited blush: “So in this world, there’s actually such a beautiful place. I really want to go, if I can arrived at that kind of world, and live over there… Wah~~ How blissful would that be.”

“But…” The light in Feng Xue’er’s eyes grew somewhat dim again: “Royal father has said that before I turn twenty, I can’t leave Divine Phoenix City. Royal father is always so busy too, and also haven’t left Divine Phoenix Sect in many many years. Even after I’m twenty, Royal father probably wouldn’t have the time to take me there…”

“Then I’ll take you there.” Yun Che didn’t even think, and uncontrollably blurted out.

“Ah…” Feng Xue’er let out a light cry, and at the same time revealed a deep surprise that made Yun Che feel unexpected: “Really? You’re really willing to take me there?”

Toward his words, she believed them so firmly without any doubts, and was so unguarded against him; instead, due to the snow he made, a scene he described, hints and threads of a young girl’s reverence was arisen toward him. A surge of complication emerged in Yun Che’s heart, yet there was also the feeling of warmth. He nodded with strength: “Of course I’m willing. If you are still willing to recognize this “Big Brother Yun” when you are able to leave the Divine Phoenix City, as long as you want to, I’ll definitely bring you to the Snow Region of Extreme Ice. I came to Divine Phoenix Empire from over there, and I very clearly know how to return. If we set off from the Divine Phoenix City, we’d arrive in half a month if we hurry.

“Hooray!” The girl uttered in high spirits. All of the slight disappointments from before vanished like smoke in thin air. Looking at Yun Che, she joyfully smiled like a most exquisite and beautiful doll: “Big Brother Yun, thank you, you are so nice… To be able to meet you, I am really very happy.”

“To be able to view snow with such a beautiful girl like Xue’er, I am the one that’s the luckiest.” Yun Che said heartfeltly. However, he didn’t know whether or not there would be a day that this promise could be realized… If, she was still willing at that time, then no matter the hinderance, he’d still use all his power to realize it… Perhaps it was to make up for the guilt in his heart, or perhaps, he wished to stand by her, shoulder to shoulder, in the depth of his heart.

“Heh, then it’s a deal. After I’m twenty, Big Brother Yun will take me to Snow Region of Extreme Ice to see the endless fluttering snow… You definitely can’t lie and take your word back, okay.” Feng Xue’er said with a happy smile.

“Mn!” Yun Che nodded, and extended his pinky toward Feng Xue’er: “Let’s pinky swear.”

“Ah?” Feng Xue’er looked at the pinky Yun Che reached out, then looked at her own finger, as a puzzling expression revealed on her face: “Pinky swear… what does that mean?”

Yun Che lightly shook his finger, and said: “It lets us buckle our pinky together in order to prove that the words we speak will definitely be kept. No matter how many years pass, they will never change.”

“Uu…” Feng Xue’er timidly extended her finger as lustrous as the fine jade, and said in a low voice: “As long as Big Brother Yun doesn’t forget, I’ll definitely keep my promise, but… but…”

But, her body, even if it was the pinky, had never made contact with men before. Because in Feng Hengkong’s eyes, every single inch of her skin was the most precious treasure of the Divine Phoenix Sect. Anyone’s touch, would all be an unforgivable tarnish. Even he, the father, couldn’t touch either. In fact, if he were to choose between Divine Phoenix Sect and Feng Xue’er, he would unhesitatingly choose Feng Xue’er.

And the reason within this, was not merely that type of a father’s radical love and protection toward his sole daughter; the even more important reason was only known by a few within the Divine Phoenix Empire… Other than Divine Phoenix Empire, even the Four Great Sacred Grounds had gotten information from who knew where, and also noticed Feng Xue’er a long time ago. This also made Feng Hengkong’s protection toward Feng Xue’er prudent to the point that made one unable to comprehend.

If he was to know that a man would actually sit so close to Feng Xue’er, and even engage in sweet talk… and even wanted to pinky swear with her, let alone that this person being the “bastard” he wanted to get rid of from the start, even if it was his own son, he’d unhesitatingly smash him into mincemeat with a palm under a flight of rage.

“Oh, I understand now.” Yun Che seemed to only have realized just now: “Your royal father doesn’t allow anyone to touch you, and you are afraid of your royal father’s scolding, right?”

“Mn…” Feng Xue’er lightly nodded: “I can’t disobey royal father’s words. I’m more afraid… that after royal father knows, he’ll be angry at you. Just last year, Twelfth Brother accidentally touched my shoulder, and was discovered by royal father. Royal father got so angry, and directly broke Twelfth Brother’s wrist, and even said that he’ll cripple him… I begged for mercy for Twelfth Brother, royal father usually complies with me a lot, but he really was very angry, and still confined Twelfth Brother for an entire half a year… It’s my fault that Twelfth Brother is harmed. I don’t want Big Brother Yun to be harmed because of me, too.”

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