ATG Chapter 678 ✿ and a cute poll

Community poll for name of Yun Che’s master. Duo Tian vs Heaven Seizer. If we use the pin yin version, there will be a footnote.

VOTE HERE. Name appears in Chapter 675 and 677. Do not be obnoxious if your pick was not the community favorite! Go squeeze some rubber duckies to let off that steam!

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    1. why? The pinyin doesn’t mean anything in English. You don’t get the same feeling of what an overwhelming being this character is supposed to be, if you just use transliteration. I really have a hard time comprehending how the preference for the pinyin is such a prevalent attitude. For example, all the UnderHeaven jokes wouldn’t have made sense if it was in pinyin. Damn guys, a name like Heaven Seizer just connotes how absurdly powerful the ‘master’ is supposed to be, and you want to take that away. The mind boggles.

      1. The problem is that rather than conveying how powerful he is, it sounds more like he has 8th grade syndrome and just makes him seem sad…

        The Pinyin on the other hand makes it sound more like a name to us and as such, less pathetic.

        It’s just sad and embarrassing…

        1. Which is the entire point…or did you miss the sentence following his introduction : “This was indeed an unfamiliar name that he had never heard before, and it was also the wildest name that he had ever heard! How wild or how strong would a person be to dare to use “Heaven Seizer” as his name!” Compare that with the pinyin version… “This was indeed an unfamiliar name that he had never heard before, and it was also the wildest name that he had ever heard! How wild or how strong would a person be to dare to use Duo Tian as his name!”, which makes no sense whatsoever unless you translate the name for yourself, which then misses the entire point of reading a translation…to convey the author’s meaning !!!

      2. “They have no meaning” Thats exactly it, names in English dont mean anything. Its just a name special to that person and those who hold them special. Its damn weird for a name to mean something and be made of actual words in English.

        1. Will people really use those kind of names if English names don’t have any meaning?

          And if names really don’t have meanings, why there are many websites like behindthename dot com?

          Oh, pardon me… I’m not an Englishman myself… Not even a European… So I’m not familiar how the culture works in there… ._.

          1. Names in English tend to come from other names or words that may or may not have meaning now (a lot of them come from other languages too), and people today don’t know what they mean.

            For example, if you look it up Lloyd it’s apparently a Welsh name meaning “gray-haired”, but no one would know that unless they looked it up. Only names like Lily (connects to the kind of flower), which directly connect to words in English have obvious meanings.

            Basically, in the English language most names have meanings if you look at their etymology (history/origins), which is what sites like do, but people usually only know a bit about the meaning of their own name at most. Plenty of parents never even named their kids with the meaning in mind. People mostly just pay attention to the sound of a name, or how unique it is. Of course, there are also still people who name their kids after relatives and such, but even then they might not look up the specific meaning.

            Just Google “do names have meanings” or “do western/english names have meanings” and you can find lots of sites which explain further.

          2. Hey, thanks a lot. A real eye opener there.

            I suppose the culture is too different in here. I’m Javanese and in here parents would meticulously think about what their children’s names should be (like meanings, rhyme, grandeur, and whatnots). Even the grandparents often involved in this one. And that’s normal. 🙂

        2. English names have meaning, basically every english name has a meaning both first and last, just because almost no one knows them doesn’t change that, the point being made here is that it is a weird and excessively arrogant name, if this was directly written in English the name choice would be similar to the translation…Duo Tian is not like the John Smith of Chinese, it is a weird arrogant name meaning something similar to “Heaven Seizer” so to convey the actual meaning then this is appropriate, so since your logic fails, maybe your opinion should change as well.

          1. Ah, please don’t take offence, senior Dharma Protector Murderous Incense Stick. *clasp hands*

            The world is vast and This Junior humbly asked the seniors whether the naming.. uh.. method in England (or any English-influenced countries) was always without meaning or not, as This Junior is not very familiar with English cultural practice.

            In the matter of “Duo Tian” and other similar issues, This Junior always personally prefer the original names which accompanied by the translations. This way the readers won’t lose the Chinese ambience of the story. Much like in ISSTH translation project where the names aren’t translated, but there are footnotes explaining the meanings of each new names.

            Well, This Junior think not all readers are particularly disturbed by the naming convention. Even some wouldn’t really care.

            This Junior merely stated his opinion from his own perspective and didn’t intend to persuade or coerce The Seniors to comply with This Junior’s opinion.

      3. Had to make an account just to respond to this b/c the poll results are about as ridiculous as Trump being elected. I normally prefer pinyin for most characters and such, but the point of translation is to convey the point of the story as much as possible, with the pinyin name, you totally miss the point of this, the original Chinese readers get the joke being made and thus a good translation should convey this as well. Those saying that it is an arrogant 8th grade sounding name in English…that is the entire point, this is even pointed out in the text, “This was indeed an unfamiliar name that he had never heard before, and it was also the wildest name that he had ever heard! How wild or how strong would a person be to dare to use “Heaven Seizer” as his name!”. So if we change this, that sentence needs a footnote to even make sense, by the same precedent all the Under Heaven people should have pinyin names and for any of the references to the ridiculousness of their names to make any sense, we then would need footnotes on every one of those as well, this is just painful to read, or it removes the original intent of the author. I really hate to see the quality of the content reduced just because some people seem to completely miss the point. I suppose I should be glad I already read the original (and correct) choice made by the translators, not sure why they would decide to defer to the uninformed masses to make a decision they already made correctly, I just hope this doesn’t set a precedent for the future where we miss out on the author’s original intent just because of some people’s pinyin obsession, this both detracts from the reading experience and doesn’t do justice to the author, both of which should be against the goals of a good translation.

      1. I actually prefer to know both the original Chinese and the English meaning. That way I won’t lose the “Chinese” ambience of the story and know the intended meaning (or jokes if there are any)

  1. Heaven Seizer actually sounds cool and like a powerful title. Some names are weird asf (White Floating Clouds for Bai Yunfei x_x) But Heaven Seizer is actually legit :D.

    1. indeed it is like a powerful title, but the idiot asked his name so he should say the name.
      Something like “Yun Che the heavenly demon”, his name is “Yun Che”

      1. and they would say the same about 奪天 in Japanese… (it’s Duo Tian in Chinese, I think.. So the Japanese counterpart should be Datsu Ten… I should use on-yomi right?)

        I personally believe that names aren’t to be translated. Even if they have meanings (you know, when some parents want to engrave their hope unto their children) I prefer to know both the meaning and it’s original form.

        Heck, if names should be translated, my real name (which is Arabic) will be translated as “Holy” or “Virgin”! That’s why I only want to know the meaning, but still retain the original form.

        i don’t really want people call me “Holy” or “Virgin”… ._.

        What? Am I a holy man or will I be a virgin till death? Hell, no…

  2. This have to be left in english just like the Under Heaven Clan, its supossed to be a silly name a joke on the novel, for non-chinese speakers Duo Tian means nothing while Heaven Seizer is funny/silly/cringeworthy as it should have to be.

      1. But it sounds stupid lol like someone said above like the number one under heaven and stuff. At least it has a meaning lol I mean if he just has a normal name like John… How is that fun lol if the Chinese name had a meaning then it would be alright but it doesn’t even have a meaning lol

      2. Demon Sealer Undying Despair you seem to miss the entire point, a person reading this in Chinese would read the name to mean Heaven Seizer, which is part of the intent of the author, the name has meaning and that meaning is part of the story, it is not some arbitrary collection of letters, which is what it becomes without the translation, it loses the author’s voice, which is a terrible thing to do for a translation, it is an abnormal and ridiculous name and that is the entire point, which is lost to English readers if it is left as Pinyin, the name sounds no different from any other character’s name and that is NOT the point and needing a footnote to explain it, or worse yet, missing the author’s intent entirely is just awful.

  3. Thanks for the chapter! Looks like I’ve got to find a rubber duck.
    ATG 168 typos !!! POSSIBLE SPOILERS FOR THE CHAPTER BELOW THIS POINT !!! Do not read if you haven’t read the chapter.
    “retrieved the Primordial Profound Ark, travel through space, and returned”- Travel -> traveled

    “Compared to yesterday, Blue Wind Imperial City was a lot more peaceful today; at least, that heavy, dark, and desperate atmosphere was half gone. The return of Prince Consort Yun and the news of him demolishing the army of tens of thousands of Divine Phoenix Empire had already spread throughout the Divine Phoenix City and the surrounding of it, lighting up the hope that was extinguished a long time ago.” —-I think you meant Blue Wind Imperial City instead of Divine Phoenix City.

    “City that we are going now… is” -> add “to” after going

    “Yun Che as picked up the ” -> add “he” after as

    “and then strongly his head hard” -> Add “nodded” after strongly

    “After entering the Primordial Profound Ark and setting the distance and direction of the travel, in only an instant, they were already in the air above of (spoiler) City.” -omit the in front of travel, omit of between above and the city name, and replace the first and with a comma.

    “Even though there was some people on the narrow” -was -> were

    ” City which only numbered around hundred.” -Add a comma after city, and add a or a number in front of hundred.

    Hope this helps! o/

  4. I usually like pinyin more than English names, but prefer English here. It’s a made up name, not too long, sounds good, and the whole point of the name Heaven Seizure is the arrogant meaning of it which would be lost in pinyin.

  5. It’s a fake name/title, much like how 北冥/Darknorth is the title for Ji Ning. If you decide to go with pinyin, then go with Duotian rather than Duo Tian. ‘Duo Tian’ wouldn’t be appropriate because it would imply that ‘Duo’ 夺 is a surname, which it isn’t.

    1. RWX, serious question:
      We still don’t know if it’s really name or title (and it could be name, under heaven clan showed us that Mars can do it), that character not appeared in ongoing (just as famous doctor in previous similar situation).

      So wouldn’t it be easier to use pinyin until confirmation? (Cause titles are not used frequently in ATG as in DE, where Tomato spent much time establishing Darknorth title)

  6. it’s a title, not a name, so to understand it, we do need it to be in english.

    soo, yeah, English for names that truly matter to understand the story (altough heaven seizer do sound like he is related to under heven clan… wich he sort of is, trough his brothers marrige…), pinjin for random names or just

      1. Ah, that’s what I thought… We don’t even have a proof…

        It even appeared again on chapter 680ish, stating “Mr. Duo Tian”

    1. Nope, I don’t want my name becomes “Dragoneer Crippled Shooting Star”…

      While “Dragoneer” maybe cool, but the “Crippled” part really unnecessary. 😀

  7. Voted Duo Tian. I just don’t really like the idea of names being translated. Of course, I do like names being explained in a footnote, like how DB does it, but not used as the English version of it, just like the ‘under heaven’ or whatever it was, it was just weird.

  8. Dear Alyschu,

    I think that the poll should be aborted because the decision to use the English translated names had already been made long ago when there was a poll for the Under Heaven Family.

    So for consistency using Heaven Seizer and not Duo Tian with footnotes would be the correct procedure.

    Otherwise you translators will be forced to make a poll and a list with the polls´ results in the future for every name with a special meaning on what way to write them in the chapters.

    And I think that would just be unneccessary additional work for you as translators.

    Best regards

    Naturally also thanks for the chapter.

    1. Ah, you made a good point…
      If Duo Tian is accepted as opposed to Heaven Seizer, they will need to revise older chapters too…

      It happened a lot on other translated series, where the translator teams edited their older works. So I think it’s still feasible as long as there aren’t too many chapters that need this particular edit. :3

        1. If the translator team ever need to revise the past chapters, not only they need to edit them, they also need to give explanation or notice in the chapter where the naming convention would change…

          I presume the translator team had this kind of predicament going and they decided to throw the choices to the readers. Whatever the result is, I believe they’ll do whatever needed. It’s the consequence of throwing the issue to public after all. 🙂

  9. Not “Heaven Seizer” but “The Heaven Seizer”.

    As some one else noted above, the translator could have gone with “Heavenly Caesar” to convey the almost comedic nature of how it was derived by Yun Che. I think the English audience would definitely get the significance of the homonym.

    One of the most confusing manga translations I’ve ever read had a character who was addressed using three or four different triple-barreled Japanese romaji “names”. The first was his given childhood name, the second was his adult royal name, the third was his title at court and the fourth was his rank in the military. None of these names had a common component, so, unless you could actually read Japanese and were familar with the cultural history, you would be completely lost by the next chapter.

    I agree with RWX.

    Translate into English ranks and titles. Character names should be in the pinyin form unless they are supposed to resonate to inspire awe, fear, respect, ridicule etc – in which case, the English form would serve a better purpose.

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