AC Chapter 431-2

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Chapter 431 (2/4)


Speechless’ eyebrows slightly knitted together.

The blond youth continued, “Whether the jade in your eyes has perfectly replicated another jade stone or not depends on if you can discover the flaws in the jade. Your eyes can only see perfection, not flaws. So you are only imitating perfection.”

“Relative to one’s eyes?”

A light smile suffused across Speechless’ mouth as he said, “So what you mean is that you have seen a flaw that I cannot see?”

The blond youth nodded in a deadpan manner. He looked as though he was in a daze, but the coldness and calmness in his eyes made him appear extraordinarily aloof.

“Your imitation possesses flaws, and they have been discovered by my eyes.”

The blond youth said in such a manner.

The blond youth and Sunless were both people who did not show any emotion. Their eyes were dull and calm which gave them a seemingly aloof feeling. However, the blond youth was different from Sunless. The blond youth was good at speaking, nor did he resist conversing with others. He would even take the initiative to say things that he did not need to say.

And it was because of that, the battle suddenly came to a strange halt, which made it an exchange of words.

However, when the blond youth conversed, the emotions of his ice-cold expression in his eyes appeared to be sealed in another world. Instead of calling it a conversation, it was more like him speaking to himself.

Who he was conversing with, or what sort of existence it was, or what answer he would give.

It was meaningless to the blond youth.

He spoke only because he wanted to say something.

“One in ten thousand. Your imitation has a one in ten thousand loophole.”

The blond youth did not wait for Speechless to respond. He did not even look at Speechless. He only continued finishing what he wanted to say, “Of course, a one in ten thousand loophole is relative as well. My eyes can see a one in ten thousand loophole, so to me, within your perfection exists a one in ten thousand flaw. But in fact, it might be one-hundredth or one-tenth or even worse. It might only be because I haven’t discovered it. Got it? What you claim as perfection actually has a one in ten thousand loophole that you can’t see.”

Speechless gaped slightly before chuckling, “Are you discussing philosophy with me? Indeed, perfection is relative. If you can see a one in ten thousand flaw, then my so-called perfection is relatively imperfect to you. But so what? How do you prove that you have discovered a one in ten thousand flaw? Even if it’s as you say and within my Mirror Replication exists a one in ten thousand flaw, what changes can that tiny amount cause? When the flaws are so small that it can be neglected, that would be perfection.”


The blond youth once again said something emotionless when it should have been filled with a mocking tone to it. He said in a deadpan manner, “If I continuously expand that one in ten thousand flaw, can you still neglect it?”

Speechless’ pupils constricted slightly as he exclaimed, “What do you mean!?”

The blond youth did not respond. Suddenly, he lifted his hand and slashed out!

When Speechless saw the blond youth raise his hand, Mirror Replication had instinctively already reacted.

Speechless did a similar action as he slashed out the same sword strike!

“Three Thousand Li Sword!?”

After Speechless slashed out, he shouted, “You are doing some foolish attempt again? It’s just a waste of energy. My imitation is perfect. The outcome has been decided from the very beginning. Do not attempt to challenge my Mirror Replication, if not…”

Speechless’ voice suddenly came to a halt!

His pupils dilated when the sword beams clashed. An unbelievable look filled his pair of bright eyes!

Shi Xiaobai, who had been watching every detail from the distance, gaped slightly as well.

“The balance has been broken.”

Shi Xiaobai muttered to himself.

Yes, the balance had been broken.

In fact, it was a tiny crack. What should have been a collision midway before the two sword beams were dissipated finally has its first unforeseen outcome—the blond youth’s sword beam had progressed a few centimeters ahead of Speechless’ sword beam!

A few centimeters at a distance of ten kilometers seemed like a trivial number. However, the few centimeters confirmed the blond youth’s words. Speechless’ Mirror Replication was not perfect. It had a hard to discover flaw that was mistaken as not existing!

“But so what? A few centimeters cannot stir my perfection!”

Speechless’ lips were quivering slightly.

The blond youth remained expressionless as he silently slashed out once again!

This strike was the most normal Three Thousand Li Sword to the blond youth.

Speechless clenched his teeth slightly as his eyes flashed with a look of stubbornness. With a loud roar, he used his Mirror Replication!


The same sword beam moved forward in an identical trajectory. It met in mid-air once again. They should have vanished simultaneously, but this time, the blond youth’s sword beam had remnant amounts for a short period of time that was nearly negligible!

In that short period of time, it moved…more than ten centimeters!

“The difference has been magnified…”

Shi Xiaobai looked in disbelief at the blond youth.

However, the blond youth had already raised his hand and slashed out!

Speechless’ whose eyes had turned somewhat torpid instinctively reacted.

The blond youth did not stop. After one slash, he would slash out another!

Speechless finally extinguished the torpidity in his eyes. His eyes were ignited with fresh fighting spirit as he faced the blond youth’s attack and made an identical motion.

“Let me see then. Let me see it!”

Speechless’ eyes were filled with stubbornness and resoluteness, “The flaws in your eyes!”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The blond youth constantly brandished his sword as his speed and frequency steadily increased!

The sword beams clashed like a storm descending upon the land. There was no moment of pause and it caused the audience to shudder in fear!

As for the sword beam’s distance, it was gradually increasing!

More than ten centimeters!

Nearly a meter!

A meter!

Ten meters!

Thirty meters!

A hundred meters!

Five hundred meters!

The blond youth’s sword beam had completely upset the balance. Even the weakest members of the audience could tell that the identical sword beams had a sudden difference.

The flaw was being magnified.

It was magnified again and again in a constant fashion!


When the final sword beam shattered Speechless’ sword beam and traversed ten kilometers to slam into the black-and-white sword, the blond youth finally stopped his barrage of attacks.

At that moment, there was complete silence.

Shi Xiaobai could not help but clench his fists as his eyes were filled with shock.

He had previously fought with Speechless before. He knew the terrifying power of Mirror Replication. He had not split hairs to suspect if the Mirror Replication was perfect or not. Instead, he chose to believe in himself to surpass himself, so as to beat his imitation.

This was probably an expression of confidence.

But in fact, the premise to his actions was to give up doubting.

He had given up doubts of the so-called perfection.

As for the blond youth, he was completely opposite. He chose to experiment and doubt. And soon, he quickly discovered the loopholes beneath the surface of perfection.

Although it was a one in ten thousand loophole, when a hole appeared in a seemingly perfect piece of fabric, as long as the hole was constantly enlarged, the entire piece of fabric would eventually be torn.

The blond youth had used his acute observational skills to discover the one in ten thousand loophole. Next, he constantly surpassed that one in ten thousand flaw of the imitation. He expanded the loophole and succeeded in ripping apart Speechless’ perfection.

He had cracked the seemingly unassailable Mirror Replication!

“Can This King accomplish the same?”

Shi Xiaobai suddenly found it hard to breathe.

If he also chose the same method the blond youth had done, was he able to accomplish the same method of cracking, like the blond youth?

“I’ve lost.”

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