AC Chapter 431-1

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Chapter 431 (1/4)

The blond youth slashed out, and like a mirror, Speechless would produce an identical action.

When the identical sword beams clashed again, the outcome was still a tie.

“Three Thousand Waters Sword.”

Speechless reported the name of the sword strike.

The blond youth immediately slashed out once again. The crowd could not see the so-called sword that didn’t exist, but they could clearly see the sword beam that appeared. What was even more brilliant was the lightning bolts that were mixed with the sword beam’s billowing flames.

“Wind Fire Thunder Divine Sword.”

Speechless reproduced the same action once again. Be it speed or size, the Wind Fire Thunder Divine Sword was identical to the blond youth’s, as though it was a mirror image.

This clash of attacks obviously ended in a tie once again.

The audience was appalled. They found the Celestial King way too enthralling. He could immediately use an identical attack to meet his opponent’s attack. This could not be explained as ‘instant-learning’. It was as though it was replicated in a second. It was completely unheard of.

Shi Xiaobai, who had previously fought with Speechless previously, knew of Speechless’ superpower. However, he could not help but reflect that such a superpower did seem somewhat unresolvable. To anyone, facing an opponent that could immediately replicate one’s move was a headache. It left one powerless because it was as though one was fighting with oneself.

Shi Xiaobai was feeling curious. As the imitation of the Hero King, how would the blond youth deal with the situation.

The blond youth’s reaction exceeded Shi Xiaobai’s expectations.

He did not stop slashing. Furthermore, every strike was a different sword technique. Even though every strike was met with an identical obstacle, resulting in an identical outcome, he did not seem to show any impatience. He adamantly continued producing a myriad of sword techniques.

It was as if he was showcasing his sword moves.

It was also as if he was testing if Speechless could replicate every move.

The conclusion seemed for granted. Speechless very perfectly reproduced the blond youth’s sword moves.

A rather boring mirror-like battle seemed to become a demonstration of sword moves.

But it had to be said that the sword moves were all very powerful. From a distance, one could sense the surging sword intent in each sword move. The audience was astounded, but somewhat disappointed. After all, such a battle could not be considered interesting.

Above the basin, Feng Yuanlin said with a deprecating laugh, “This battle seems somewhat strange?”

Pulp Farmer said with a frown, “For some baffling reason, it’s a bit boring.”

Liu Yu said with a sigh, “Speechless is facing the young Hero King. Even if it’s a fake Hero King, it gives one great anticipation. It should have been an exhilarating battle, but who knew that Speechless would constantly replicate the moves like a mirror. And who knew that the Hero King would go along and keep switching moves. What is the reason for this?”

Mu Yuesheng stared at Speechless in the distance as she muttered, “Speechless is acting in a fit of pique. He only wants to prove that his imitation is perfect…”

The battle continued on for ten minutes.

The blond youth constantly switched sword moves. The number of sword moves he grasped was astounding. Furthermore, from what Speechless said, these sword moves were apparently created by the Hero King in his youth. It was completely unimaginable.

Speechless continued to use his mirror-like replication, making the scales of balance for the battle remain completely level.

No one could gain an advantage against the other. This was the boring conclusion after a battle that lasted for ten minutes.

“Demon Slaying Holy Sword.”

Speechless once again reported the blond youth’s sword technique’s name. But this time, he finally lost his patience.

A mocking smile suffused across his lips. “Is this your response? If you think that you will be able to luckily produce a sword technique I cannot imitate by demonstrating all your sword techniques once, then the naive you have disappointed me.”

When Speechless said that, his eyes could not help but glance at the distant Shi Xiaobai.

Speechless had encountered many, many opponents. There were numerous geniuses who wanted to vie for the title of being the “number one youth in China”, but against his “Mirror Replication”, most young geniuses would eventually suffer a mental breakdown.

To have one’s own move perfectly imitated regardless of the move, a portion of people would blame everything on the opponent. They would use mocking words like ‘only knowing how to imitate’ to cover up for their inability to defeat their own selves. There was a portion of people that would not be discouraged, determined that it was impossible for the opponent to replicate all of their moves. There would always be one move the other party could not imitate.

And Shi Xiaobai was one of the rare youths that did not belong to any of the two categories.

Speechless remembered that during his battle with Shi Xiaobai on the Silent Desolate Lands, when Shi Xiaobai realized that his attacks would be imitated, Shi Xiaobai did not attempt using different moves to challenge his Imitation superpower, nor did he react negatively by using mockery to conceal the difficult situation of him unable to defeat the mirror imitation.

Shi Xiaobai chose to surpass himself. He wanted to exceed the same move to exceed his mirror image.

Since he was imitated, he would surpass the one that imitated him. That was Shi Xiaobai’s choice at that time.

From that moment onwards, Speechless treated Shi Xiaobai as a special opponent, an opponent that was worth looking forward to.

And at that moment, the fake Hero King had made a choice that disappointed Speechless. The fake Hero King was constantly using different moves in an attempt to challenge his replication ability and not attempt to challenge his imitated self.

This only sounded like two different options, but they were in fact very different.

The former was a doubt of his opponent, while the latter was to trust in oneself.

Speechless acknowledged the former.

“Indeed, a counterfeit is after all a counterfeit?”

Speechless’ eyes flashed a look of disappointment. For him to meet the Hero King, even if it was an imitation was something that made his blood stir. He was filled with anticipation with regards to this battle.

He had used his Mirror Replication to make the battle enter a tie, but he wanted to see what method the Hero King would choose to crack his Mirror Replication.

That was because unless there was absolute strength that could crack his Mirror Replication, there had been no peer or opponent at the same level as him that could crack it.

Speechless wanted to prove that his imitation was perfect, but he also looked forward to the fake Hero King’s ability to give him some pressure.

But if the fake Hero King continued attempting to challenge his ‘Mirror Replication’, then the battle would end in a boring conclusion.

That was because his Mirror Replication was without flaw.

“Found the flaw.”

Suddenly, the blond youth said with a deadpan expression. His voice was gentle like a breeze.

But when it landed in Speechless’ ears, it was like a typhoon had stirred in his mind.

Speechless’ pupils dilated as he said in disbelief, “Impossible! My replication is perfect!”

The blond youth’s eyes were calm as he said, “Your so-called perfection is only relative.”

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