AC Chapter 424

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Chapter 424: Forgot to tell you

“Shall we make a bet?”

Speechless said on a whim, “Since the both of us have our differences, why don’t we make a bet? I’ll bet that the Celestial King will win, while you bet that the Infernal King will win. How about it?”

Shi Xiaobai’s eyebrows pricked up slightly as he said, “What will be the bet?”

Speechless fell silent for a moment. He lowered his head in thought and after a long while, he said with a sly smile, “The loser will have to satisfy any request the winner makes as long as it doesn’t touch their bottom line.”

Shi Xiaobai could not help but hesitate when he heard this. He was obviously filled with confidence about his victory, but the bet seemed too strange. Furthermore, he had nothing he wanted to request from Speechless.

At that moment, Mu Yuesheng finally could not stand watching this. She said to Shi Xiaobai, “Shi Xiaobai, don’t bet with him.”

Shi Xiaobai gave her a questioning look.

Mu Yuesheng gave Speechless a glance and said after some hesitation, “The Celestial King is extremely shameless, but he is indeed very strong. Without any surprises, the Celestial King will be the final victor.”

Mu Yuesheng did not choose to expose Speechless’ ‘scam’ because the moment she exposed him, Speechless would end up in an awkward situation. However, she could not bear watching Shi Xiaobai being fooled. In her heart, Speechless and Shi Xiaobai both took very important spots in her heart. One of them was a cousin with blood relations who once stood up for her when she was young, while the other was a partner who she was filled with respect and gratitude for.

Speechless stared silently at Mu Yuesheng and expressed unhappiness at her aid towards an outsider.

Speechless who wanted to scam Shi Xiaobai naturally did not plan on giving up so easily. He immediately tried to goad Shi Xiaobai on by saying, “It’s fine if you don’t want to make the bet. After all, the Celestial King is indeed very powerful and terrifying. The bet is unfair to begin with.”

Shi Xiaobai saw through Speechless’ intentions and found it amusing. From the looks of it, the Celestial King was truly very strong for Speechless to have such huge confidence. From Speechless and Mu Yuesheng’s point of view, the Infernal King was no match for the Celestial King under normal circumstances.

However, the present situation was not normal.

Speechless and Mu Yuesheng would never guess that he was the Infernal King.

Shi Xiaobai hesitated for a moment. The goading which lacked any tricks could be ignored by him but for some reason, he wanted to accept the bet.

Even though the bet did not really attract him, it was free after all, wasn’t it?

Shi Xiaobai made up his mind and said with a grin, “Since you want to bet, so be it. When you lose, don’t you go back on your word. This King has to take the time to think about his request.”

Speechless was delighted when he heard this. He felt like the fish had been hooked. He immediately said, “A man never goes back on his word.”

As such, a bet that both sides had their own ‘schemes’ was formed.

At that moment, deafening footsteps came from the other end of the horizon.

The ground was trembling violently as the footsteps sounded like thunder. As it approached, everyone turned to look at it. Before they could see anything, their minds could imagine the scene of a massive object walking over.

And when they really saw it, they discovered that the monster they imagined was not as terrifying as the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan that was walking from the horizon. The terrifying scene of a mountain approaching them was stifling.

Shi Xiaobai, Pulp Farmer and the rest who had been to Transcendence immediately recognized the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan that came in such an imposing manner as the lowly gatekeeping gargantuan of Transcendence. They were surprised as they looked in each others’ eyes and saw their thoughts in them.

“He is the new king of Transcendence?”

The hundred-meter-tall gargantuan approached slowly before he suddenly made a leap, traversing several kilometers. He agilely entered a huge basin and with a boom, it was as if a mountain had crashed down from the sky. Many members of the audience were thrown into the air before they plummeted down in a wretched state.

The gigantic basin was the arena stage for the life-and-death battle between the three kings. The basin was wide and expansive like a plain. And the thirty thousand spectators would watch the battle from above the basin.

With thirty thousand spectators surrounding the basin, it did not appear crowded. One could imagine how spacious the basin was.

This was a surprising find by the negotiating ambassadors. In the Silent Desolate Lands, there was a perfect battle arena. It was as though the heavens had deliberately set up the land formation for the life-and-death battle between the three kings.

The basin was where the three kings would duel and at that moment, the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan had leaped into the basin with an exaggerated posture. His identity could not be any clearer.

Liu Yu said with mixed emotions, “This Penniless Priest never expected that the gargantuan would be the Transcendents’ new king. Apparently, he is stronger than Leonis?”

Feng Yuanlin and Pulp Farmer nodded as well. They found it very shocking.

Shi Xiaobai was also somewhat surprised. He remembered that the gatekeeping gargantuan had previously been humiliated by Moya to the point of not daring to rebut. Who knew that he was such a mighty figure that hid his strength so well? Was this what they called ‘swallowing the humiliation and bearing a heavy load’?

Speechless looked at the hundred-meter-tall gargantuan in the basin. The gargantuan was one of his opponents and on the surface, the gargantuan was likely a very powerful opponent. He wished that the gargantuan was not just outwardly strong but inwardly weak.

As Speechless was having some thoughts, he heard Liu Yu’s words. He immediately turned around and asked, “You know that gargantuan?”

Liu Yu seemed somewhat restrained when facing Speechless. He slightly straightened his clothes before solemnly narrating to him the story of their meeting of the gargantuan in Transcendence.

Seeing how Liu Yu was about to use his Liu-style story narration, which would change a simple matter into a very complex one, Feng Yuanlin immediately rebutted him and with a few words, he summed up the gatekeeping gargantuan’s identity.

Speechless was somewhat astonished as he said, “He was once a lowly gatekeeping dog, but now, he’s the magnificent king of Transcendence. Interesting.”

The gatekeeping gargantuan was sitting in the basin and after resting with his eyes closed for a moment, he suddenly opened his eyes, as though he had turned impatient. He suddenly stood up and surveyed the spectators around the basin. He said with a roar,

“Where’s the Celestial King and Infernal King? Get your asses down here and die!”

The gatekeeping gargantuan roared like rolling thunder. It was so loud that the crowd could not help but cover their ears.

Shi Xiaobai’s eyes flashed a cold beam of light. He never liked the gargantuan from the very beginning. Now, he was even more irked by him. Shi Xiaobai took a step forward and was about to jump into the basin.

However, there was a person who took one step before him.

Speechless’ back faced Shi Xiaobai and company. With a very cool and graceful manner, he walked towards the basin and said, “Sorry Shi Xiaobai. This Emperor forgot to tell you something. Actually, This Emperor is the Celestial King. It seems This Emperor will definitely win our bet. Haha!”

Speechless jumped into the grounds with a laugh!

At that moment, he felt very cool. The timing he chose to reveal his identity could be said to be perfect!

Speechless was feeling satisfied as he turned around, hoping to see Shi Xiaobai looking flustered.

But when he turned his head, he was given a shock. That was because Shi Xiaobai had appeared behind him. Just like him, he had jumped in.

Speechless said in surprise, “Why did you follow?”

Shi Xiaobai gave Speechless a complicated look and sighed. He said, “Sorry about that. This King forgot to tell you that This King is actually the Infernal King…”

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