AC Chapter 370

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Chapter 370: None of you know anything about strength!

Leonis felt disheartened, while the audience was also exhausted from watching this.

The battle was supposed to have Leonis crush his opponent with his absolute strength, winning victory with a bang. This was the performance they were looking forward to.

But what had come out of it now?

The human had been sent flying time and time again, but he would climb back up to fight once more. However, Leonis had no choice but to switch his right fist to his left. And from the looks of it, his left fist was quickly unable to withstand the impacts any further.

Wasn’t this the precursor to failing miserably at an easy task?

Amid the din, there were more and more members of the audience that began shouting “Lion King Punch”. They only wished for Leonis to get out of his stupor, giving up an easy victory. After all, this battle had their Transcendents’ dignity and glory at stake. He was not to be defeated!

As such, Leonis quietly lowered his left hand. The eyes of a large number of Transcendents lit up as they suddenly stood up!

Here it comes!

Here it finally comes!

Leonis finally wanted to end this farce!

“Human, you are not bad indeed, but you are just this and nothing more!”

Leonis sneered and no matter how much he went easy on his opponent, there was no way he would be defeated. Once he stopped giving his opponent an opportunity, his opponent would be left without any opportunities. This was the confidence that came from being strong!

Leonis lowered his left hand and stepped forward with his chest puffed up. He no longer used his fist to collide with Shi Xiaobai’s fist, but used his chest instead!

By ending this farce of fist against fist, it was a form of retreat and concession that Leonis was reluctant about, but as long as he won the battle in an invincible-like manner, whatever happened before would be viewed as the foreplay before the climax!


Shi Xiaobai’s fist struck straight at Leonis’s chest!

A loud impact sounded but Leonis did not even take a step back. Instead, the attacking Shi Xiaobai retreated several steps back in a pathetic manner!

This was the defensive power of Leonis!

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Therefore, during the collision of fists, Leonis was bearing the reaction from his own strength, resulting in his fist being injured. But now, he was only defending, and with Shi Xiaobai’s strength alone, it did not even give him an itch!

An unassailable defense could lead any opponent into despair!

“Human, in front of This King, your strength is like a baby in a cradle!”

Leonis laughed out loud. At that moment, he needed to posture!

“Use your body to experience what is true strength!”

Leonis, who took on a punch, did so to demonstrate his unassailable defense. Of course, he would not waste time any further as his right fist punched out at the next moment!

“Lion King Punch!”

Leonis roared angrily as he punched out!

At that moment, it was as if the Transcendents had eaten stimulants. They raised their hands high and screamed at the top of their lungs!

Leonis was well known for his Lion King Punch. It was completely on a different level from the straight and honest punches from before!

This punch alone could shatter a mountain!

Shi Xiaobai’s expression changed drastically as well. The swinging of the fist midway had given him a strong premonition that it was extremely dangerous. If he was hit straight on, he would probably be reduced to smithereens even if his physical strength was far superior to others!

Shi Xiaobai did not dare to push the boundaries as he used his fastest speed to retreat!

The ability to sense danger has always been one of the things Shi Xiaobai greatly relied on to be able to lead such a coquettish and high-spirited life!

Shi Xiaobai crazily took a few hundred steps back, and nearly reached the boundary of the arena. As for Leonis’s punch, it finally reached out completely!


A lion’s angry roar resounded throughout the world!

The sound of wind, screams and all dins seemed to vanish at that moment!

A majestic force blasted out from Leonis’s fist through the heavens and earth. Even sound was devoured!

As the winds and clouds stirred, the sky suddenly turned dark at that instant. A massive lion phantom appeared in the sky as it ran through the sky!

The lion phantom was truly massive and amazing. As it dashed forward, it felt like it was inundating the entire arena!

A lion’s roar resounded through the skies!

Even the protective shields of the arena were shattered as the audience stands tore. A number of audience were affected by the fallout, exploding into pieces suddenly!

Shi Xiaobai could not avoid it!

This was absolute power. And it had been seven years since Leonis used the Lion King Punch, and at this moment, Leonis’s power was far greater than before. It exceeded the imaginations of the Transcendents!

As the lion’s roar gradually dissipated, the stirred clouds and wind gradually calmed down. However, the entire arena was left in ruins. There were piles of rubble as sand blew through the area like a bleak and desolate hell.

And on the arena, Shi Xiaobai’s figure had already disappeared.

There were dozens of Transcendents in the audience stands that were reduced to smithereens as a result of the fallout. The human was probably completely destroyed!

The Transcendents were still reeling in shock, thankful that they were not hit by the fallout, but they also felt sad for the innocent victims of their kind.

“King Leonis is much stronger than seven years ago. The power of his one punch is unfathomable.”

“Heavens, we have sacrificed dozens of our kind.”

“King Leonis, don’t use the Lion King Punch again!”

At that moment, the Transcendents were traumatized by Leonis’s Lion King Punch.

Leonis laughed. It was rare for him to feel the joy of victory and the sense of achievement. It had to be said that the human was truly formidable to give him such great pressure, forcing him to use his killer move, Lion King Punch.

However, even if the Transcendents pleaded for him to use the Lion King Punch again, he could no longer use it. This was because the cost of using such a killer move was tremendous. He needed to rest for at least half an hour before he could use it again. If he could continuously use it, he would have fulfilled his ambitions of conquering the world.

Furthermore, he did not need to use the Lion King Punch again.

Because the human was definitely dead!

Furthermore, it was definite that he had died a tragic death, turning to dust that filled the sky!

There would not be any surprises!

“Shi Xiaobai!”

“Boss Shi Xiaobai!”

“Benefactor Shi Xiaobai!”

Three voices sounded from the audience stands!

Pulp Farmer and company could not believe that Shi Xiaobai would die just like that!

It was impossible for Shi Xiaobai to die this easily!

At this moment, there was a commotion from a pile of rubble as a rock was sent flying into the air.

Shi Xiaobai obviously had not died!

“This King might die one day, but it would definitely not be today. And the person to finish This King will definitely not be you!”

A somewhat exhausted voice came out from the rubble.

A figure stood up from the desolate land.

He looked somewhat miserable. His black-and-white hair were disheveled like a bird’s nest. His body was covered in dust, and his clothes were quite tattered. There were patches of blood flowing down his skin.

He was injured, but he was still alive!

Leonis’s eyes constricted violently. This human had managed to withstand his Lion King Punch and could still manage to stand up?

Wasn’t this a fucking unkillable cockroach?

Shi Xiaobai patted the dust from his body and said as if nothing had happened, “You have been naughty. This King is somewhat angry.”

The audience stood up once again. This time, their faces were more solemn than ever before.

With the human having managed to withstand the punch, what needed to be done to keep the human down?

Such an indestructible cockroach was too shameless!

Leonis’s face turned extremely ugly as well as his right fist needed to rest. If his Lion King Punch had failed to finish the human, what could he do next?

Suddenly, Leonis thought of something and sneered, “Human, your tenacity and endurance has indeed given This King a huge surprise, but what can you do? Even if This King stands here to let you beat me for a day and night, you would never win. Do you understand? This King has always been in an invincible state, as for you, you are just struggling. The next Lion King Punch will definitely finish you!”

Leonis’s words made all the eyes of the Transcendents light up once again!

That’s right. The human could not break through Leonis’s defenses, so Leonis was always in an invincible state!

No matter what the human did, it would all be a meaningless struggle!

Leonis is undefeatable!

A derisive smile suffused from Shi Xiaobai’s mouth as he surveyed the crowd and said with a sneer, “Foolish Transcendents, none of you know anything about strength!”


Such a word does not exist!

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