🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 25 🦊

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A couple of cool things here, we been trying to interact and get some cool stuff for our readers, and we just got in something WE think will be cool.. but hopefully you guys will as well! Check it out below!


Is that cool or what?? (I think it is…) We have created some custom collectibles with the chinese words inscribed “Chong Mei” (pictured above, pen is for scale) aka the chinese title of the book. We’re only shipping out 10 sets of 2, and you can use these as a pendant, a necklace, a cool charm on your phone, attach it to your backpack.. you name it! 😀 So.. if you’re interested, check out our patreon!






On a side note, chapter is also up, click the read chapter button in the bottom right and enjoy 🙂

Translator Song of the Day: To be happy- Joey Pecoraro




17 thoughts on “🦊 The Charm of Soul Pets – Book 2 Chapter 25 🦊” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

      1. Im proud to say not only do i not know anything about calligraphy but i also suck at writing down my own language
        As far as im concerned looks cool enough ( ^.^)~b

        Hateful as it is, i cant use paypal or patreon in my country so thats a shame

  1. 1) that’s cool…But sry can’t afford patreon….after i get a job..I will~

    2) https://youtu.be/TplaQhVNUKk no offense but…That is not a song….First 30 secs was a lullaby (almost made me sleep)…Then it’s just some music(prolly…Fast forwarded)…Am surprised u completed translating while hearing that song-like-thingy~

    Ed sheeran – shape of you
    Pink – just like fire
    Jordan sparks – one step at a time
    What are u waiting for
    One republic: where ever I go~
    Try them… according to a recent study in china These songs have been proved to increase the translation speed by 70%(approx)…Ask DeathBlade…He can vouch for me~

    3)thank you!!!

    1. :(((((((! Hey, who knows, if people really like these, we might go try get more cool ones (Like ones with the chinese Mo Xie characters), and I might try to figure out the international stuff 🙂

  2. Thanks for the translations, moonfox and company!

    So does Chong Mei mean ‘The Charm of Soul Pets’? Isn’t that kinda unrelated to what the soul technique does?

  3. Moonfox please please ship internationally and to Malaysia.
    Frigid love the pendant! 😀 😀
    I”l do the patreon thing when I have a job, which is not right now as I’m studying. 😐

    It costs me 4x the price of the most highest patreon, like 400-ish or 500-ish :/

    and…thank you for the chapter! 🙂

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