🗡RT Chapter 220🗡

Hello, everyone! Here’s your fourth release of the week. I hope you enjoy.

That’s my third regular release of the week, so any more from me will be taken out from the sponsor bar. Fort still has one more regular release to go.

Translator: LittleShanks


As for why there were no chapters for the past 3/4 days, it’s because Fort is still new to translating, so you’ll have to forgive him for being slow. Although his translating speed doesn’t affect how much I translate, I still have to wait for him to get his chapter done to release my own chapters if I’m ahead of him. Either way, it won’t affect how many chapters you’ll get in a week, just that sometimes they might be released in batches.

7 thoughts on “🗡RT Chapter 220🗡” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. We all understand how much work it is for you guys to translate so it is fine if the translating is slow at times. Plus I got to say there is no better sight than seeing 4 chapters in a row on recent posts side bar.

    1. Agreed! We all have respect for translators – I mean, we’re all too lazy to go and learn Mandarin so it’s not in our place to judge xD

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