🍺Lord of All Realms Chapter 85🍺

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Chapter 85


Edited By: Deathblade & Zach



The Deathblade Clan and the Beerblade Clan had dinner the other day, and after we got home, DB put the following poll under his latest release.


The Deathblade Clan and the Beerblade Clan had dinner tonight, and afterward, Madam Deathblade and Madam Beerblade went to the supermarket while Beerblade and I watched Baby Deathblade. At a certain point, Baby Deathblade became the center of attention in the mall. Eventually, one of the people said (in Chinese), “He’s so cute. His mother is probably Chinese, right?” At that point, everyone looked over at Beerblade, assuming that because he’s Chinese, he would provide an answer. Do you want to guess how he responded?

A) “Of course she is”
B) “Mind your own business!”
C) “I’m the other father…”
D) “…”


You guys can see the right answer here, or read it in my announce post tomorrow.

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  1. I’d have loved it if you had said C. Although I have no idea what the general opinion on gay couples is in China… it’s not “pitchforks and torches”, is it?

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