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  1. Thanks for the chapter. ^^
    2 girls and Leylin so 3 would be the very min but i would not consider it a proper harem unless there is three gilrs at least. If the three girls joins his harem along with Freiya he would have four girls. Considering how powerful he is it is still pretty small, but since Leylin doesn’t have a big sexual apettite it is more than enough.

  2. It’s when there’s enough people that they can’t all be together and have to split up into subgroups during…activities. Otherwise, it’s just hoes in different area codes like AST

  3. Evildevil has it right, numerically.

    The logic is, two team up against you, and you get no peace.
    with three it becomes 2 vs 1, no end of drama, you still get no peace
    four, it balances out at 2 vs 2, and they leave you out of it.

    … or so I’ve heard. Ones enough for me tyvm.

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