♟ WMW Chapter 1068 ♟

First chapter of the day.

Theo: Hey guys! OMA has his exams this Wednesday and the next, so there won’t be any chapters from Monday to Wednesday of both these weeks. That makes for a total of seven days without chapters this month, or fourteen chapters missed total. However, next Wednesday will be the last of OMA’s papers, and with that done we’ll have resumed our regular pace. We’ll then begin working on filling up for this void in chapters, so on the whole these delays will not have any effect on WMW’s schedule on the whole.

Chapter 1068 | Chapter 1069 (Teaser)

Translated by: Trina
Edited by: Theo
TLCed by: Trina, OMA

New schedule from October.

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  1. hope you do well in exams. if not too interested in translating do a intensive release and finish the novel,after all the end is close. then decide if u keep translating another novel at some other pace ot leave art of translating

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