♔ SOTR Chapter 151 ♔

In celebration of Qiao Baishi’s smooth talkin’!

Edited by: Kidyeon

Although we’re getting almost precisely the opposite of smooth talking in this chapter… I have to say, I was slightly startled when translating bits of this chapter, and my mouth absolutely dropped at the beginning of next chapter. I immediately typed, “dayum…” to Premonition.

Although, it seems that whenever I go for a double release, I seem to end on a worse cliff than before. Lesson learned, don’t do double releases? XD I’m literally cackling as I do the next chapter and can’t wait to release it. But first, I need to suffer through a 8.5k character Great Demon King chapter… *sigh*

<3 etvo

10 thoughts on “♔ SOTR Chapter 151 ♔” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Takes a bit of dedication to weather through the first 20-40 chapters otherwise I recommend it if you aren’t too shy from slight ‘perversion’ of a male lead along with a darker nature slowly surfacing.

      1. Does it go all MGA? ATG? or do the romantic interests actually have individual thought other than ‘uuh, the MC touched me so I wanna do him and give my life to him’?

        Also, with that name I am guessing you are a fellow dane, or potentially another scandinavian?

        1. I wont lie. The romance is kinda MGA . But this is really not the focus in this history , not even close since the MC dont love any of the girls. He just think of them like they belong to him most of the time. To me he take this things more like a game

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