♔ SOTR Chapter 122!

Deliciousness abounds!

Edited by: Lem0nPEEL as all the other editors (actually, Lem0nPEEL too to be honest) all have exams. Best wishes for them please!

So much exciting news on WW since I last posted, welcome to podao and GOR! I just speed read until chapter 6 and really like the translating style as well as the story. Those of you who haven’t read it yet, go give it a try!

I happened to see the Panda Brigade’s drawings and bust a gut laughing. I can imagine if I asked my team to draw something similar…

Takes out sheet of paper. Takes pen, stabs it through paper and rips said paper.

“There. That’s your drawing. GO TRANSLATE!”


Regular chapter 2/3 for the week!

<3 etvo

[edit] I can’t believe I forgot to put the “I cleared the queue” gif in! (warning, big gif!)

“I caught up on the queue?”

“Aw yeah.”

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  1. Hey! Just caught up with your other series and I have to say its amazing!!
    It totally went under my radar and just knew about it since a few days you said something about translating two series and not being able to do many chapters about Er Gen’s new series!

    Just went to take a look at it since it was being translated by you and I have to say I’m amazed!!!

  2. Thanks for the chapter! The gif is so adorable 😀
    Good luck to you guys with all the exams <3 I have exams as well 🙁 they're not fun at all.

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