☯ ISSTH Chapter 776 ☯

Okay so I just bought a bottle of Skye vodka at the local “imported liquor” store. The price? 40 Chinese yuan. That’s little more than 5 American dollars. That’s super cheap, even comparable to the other “foreign” liquors available. But I’m thinking… $5??? It’s got to be fake, right? I think a bottle of Skye usually costs $15-20 in the U.S. Have any of you ever seen a bottle of Skye or similar vodka on sale for only $5?? Well, there’s one way to find out. If I have a horrible hangover tomorrow, I will know that it’s fake.

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    1. The cheapest skyy vodka ive seen was .75 L for about fifteen. Combined with the fact that every bottle ive ever seen has been in a bottle with the name embossed on it with a frosted glass kind of texture (never a sticker) there is a good chance its fake. The scariest part about improperly made/regulated alcohol is that the first part of the batch is lethal, you are supposed to throw it out. You dont know if that happens with alcohol from unknown sources. 加油,err i mean, 加酒!

  1. Try and put some in the fuel tank of any motorized vehicle of yours. If said vehicle’s engine is happy with it, then forget the bottle. If said vehicle appears sad, then consider drinking a bit of it – and buying new happier vehicle 🙂

    (joking – don’t do this!)

  2. I guess it could be normal because in US alcool is really expensive (dunno because it’s due to taxe or just local cost of life, probably both). So if there is less taxe in china, why not…

  3. Thank you!!!
    Be very careful with fake alcohol, although it may not harm you in the short term(depends on quantity), it may cause several consequences: brain damage, blindness, kidney and liver damage…

  4. Does China tax alcohol as much as the U.S.? Depending on the state, you can get an alcohol tax, a bottling tax, a luxury tax, a state tax, and an import tax.

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