☯ ISSTH Chapter 679 ☯

I’ve mentioned before that I’m from California, but what I haven’t talked about much is how I lived in Manhattan Chinatown for a while, and worked in the Financial District. Man I am missing me some New York pizza right now, I can tell you that. Oh man….

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  1. I know what you mean, I live in Pennsylvania and one of the best pizzas I have ever had was from a fellow that started in New York City … but I really don’t feel like driving for hours to have some no matter how good it is …but if I have business down that way that’s a different story

  2. Please DB… new york Pizza? I am Italian .. if you are speaking of ITALIAN PIZZA I agree with you . Wanna some Pizza? Al Prosciutto o alle Quattro Stagioni?

  3. As a new yorker I have to agree that NYC has some of the best pizza you will ever find, all thanks too all the competition. Want more customers, your pizza has to be better than the rest.

  4. Thanks for the chapter.

    I miss living overseas, from the food, to places, to the people. Yet I don’t think I would want to move back, the world is a lot different these days. Well different with a lot of similarities like there still wars going on, hate and violence because of a persons religion, nationality, political view, sex, etc.

  5. yep new york pizzas were really great….heck i tended to have it everyday when i was there for 3 weeks..
    but the calorie build up had other things planned for me, sigh…..

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