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Greetings, Fellow Daoists. The appearance of the Dawn Immortal in the previous few chapters led to some questions. In the past there has been confusion about the possible similarities or differences between The Dawn Immortal (Immortal Li), Meng Li, and Lord Li. If you’d like a brief summary about all the “Li” characters, as well as a bit of background on Meng Hao’s nickname “Haowie,” check out the info after the jump!

These two chapters go well together, so I decided to make them a double release. Please enjoy!

Chapter 667, Chapter 668,
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Dawn Immortal 黎仙: Originally translated as “Immortal Li,” the Dawn Immortal is a powerful figure in the lands of South Heaven. In book 1, Lord Revelation used the name to try to intimidate Patriarch Reliance. When Patriarch Reliance revealed his turtle form, Lord Revelation suddenly realized why threatening Patriarch Reliance with the Dawn Immortal wouldn’t work (because Patriarch Reliance’s level was above that of the Dawn Immortal). Since Lord Revelation had some connection to the Dawn Immortal, and since the Dawn Immortal is the mother of the Resurrection Lily, it makes sense that Lord Revelation would have a three-colored Resurrection Lily seed.

The Dawn Immortal was also mentioned in the Song Clan arc. The Song Clan Dao Seeking Dao Reserve corpse made a comment indicating that the woman who appeared and gazed at Meng Hao was the Dawn Immortal, the mother of the Resurrection Lily. Many readers took this comment to be fact. Coupled with the original translation of “Immortal Li,” a lot of people believed, and some still believe, that Meng Li is the Dawn Immortal. However, the “Li” character is different, and later evidence seems to indicate pretty strongly that Meng Li is not the Dawn Immortal. However, no absolute, iron-clad evidence has appeared in the story to disprove the theory.

Meng Li 孟丽: A powerful woman in the Eastern Lands. When the Ji Clan tried to sever Meng Hao’s karma, she flipped out and destroyed some of their property, then told them not to mess with her son. She was called “Madam Fang,” indicating that her husband is a member of the Fang Clan. She is Fang Yu’s mother, which would make Fang Yu and Meng Hao brother and sister. Don’t forget that Fang Yu asking Meng Hao to call her “big sis,” would in no way directly indicate that they are related. In Chinese culture, such an address is commonly used for a woman who is older than you, but not too much older (then it changes to Auntie).

Lord Li 李主: The “Li” character of Lord Li is different from the “Li” in Dawn Immortal and Meng Li. He has been referenced on a handful of occasions, and was elaborated on in the Demon Immortal Sect arc. In the past, was the leader of the Demon Immortal Sect and also Lord of the Ninth Mountain and Sea. He “went missing” at some point, and various rumors circulated, but no one knows for sure what exactly happened to him. Later, there was a big war which culminated in the Ji Clan taking over rulership of the Ninth Mountain and Sea.

Haowie 浩子: This is a nickname for Meng Hao that sounds kind of cute and silly in Chinese. It takes the “Hao” character and adds another character which makes the nickname rhyme with the word for “mouse 耗子.” I picked “Haowie” mainly because it sounds kind of funny and sort of captures the spirit of the original (albeit without the “mouse” reference). P.S. Chinese fans do use the nickname when talking about Meng Hao online.

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  1. Oh… so “Dawn Immortal” is “Immortal Li”

    Okay, that cleared up a lot of things…. cause I kept on remembering her as “Immortal Li”


  2. Does anyone call him ‘Haowie’ in the story?

    “There is a part in a recent chapter where Meng Hao even reaches the conclusion that they are related, and speculates as to why Fang Yu wouldn’t admit it. ”
    If this is about chapter 653, that’s more like he’s thinking why he himself can’t admit it.

    1. Yes, people do call him that. The parrot did it first, then the meat jelly followed. As for the second part, you’re right, I had a brain fart on that one, so I just deleted that part. My baddddd….

  3. Hi Deathblade, just wanted to let you know that your comments are always very much appreciated. Your writing is clear, concise, well written. Also the way you add the footnotes makes is really well done. Always relevant information but not disturbing for whoever does not want to be disturbed while reading the text. Thumbs up! I think you are one of the best translator, be it for the quality of the translation, the release pace, or for respecting the author as well as the readers. I look forward to you finishing ISSTH and reading your next projects!

    1. It’s actually the same Li. That shouldn’t be taken to mean they are connected (I’m not saying they aren’t or are). That particular name is one of the most common Chinese surnames.

  4. Deathblade, you missed one important point. Lord Li isn’t just a leader of Demon Immortal Sect, he was also the founder of Demon Immortal Sect. 🙂

  5. Thanks for the explanation, DB! 1 small thing I would like to see is to put Chinese character beside each name, help to see what do you mean by different character of ‘Li’ (or just put for Haowie name, it’s cute because you say it rhyme with mouse)

  6. I can’t thank you enough for making these clarifications, DB!
    I’ve been getting a headache reading the comments in the chapters that make these different characters to be a single person just because they’re all named ‘Li’ in English translations. They don’t realize that in Chinese, a character may sound the same but are actually totally and completely different.
    You’re awesome! Definitely one of the best Translators out there!

  7. Well I’m totally sure that they’re different people although we still cant separate Meng Li and Dawn Immortal. Seems they do have some connection, because when the woman appear in the Song Clan, what she was embracing, wasn’t Meng Hao himself but the flower inside of him.

    On the other side I’ve never confused Lord Li with those other characters because Lord Li is a transcendent being that originate from the ancient battlefield that of course made him a supreme being that’s way above a normal immortal.

    I just hope my guesses are correct.

  8. Hello DB, first of all thanks for your devotion and hard work on these translations and for the reading pleasure you brought me so far and hopefully will continue to that in the future as well!

    I just made an account cause this section here bugged me:
    “Meng Li 孟丽: A powerful woman in the Eastern Lands. When the Ji Clan tried to sever Meng Hao’s karma, she flipped out and destroyed some of their property, then told them not to mess with her son.”

    So I didn’t go back to cross check (can’t be bothered to search for the chapter XD)… but didn’t she say “don’t mess with my daugther”? Cause the karma severing affects all the ppl Meng Hao knows and so also affected Fang Yu. And because of that Fang Yu coughed up blood and this made Meng Li furious. At least that’s how I remember it. But it is still heavel implied that Fang Yu is his sister and Meng Li his mother nonetheless.

    And that was that. Wish you well and keep up the awesome work! 😉

  9. I think i read “thouh” instead of “though” somewhere around 667-668..sorry i forgot where exactly(just saying incase you’re looking for errors).. I was catching up these 100 chapter delay i had..
    Thanks for the chapter, though.. :))

  10. Meng Li is not the Dawn Immortal. In the upcoming chapters after the conclusion of the fight with Meng Hao and the Wang Patriarch in the Milky Sea, you’ll be seeing an interesting scene. Also, since it was mentioned by Deathblade, Fang Yu ends up being the younger sister.

    1. Spoilers, you blasted fool! Damn you, I had a long ass discussion with a bunch of other commenters about Fang Yu’s sister status and was looking forward to it, damn youu

  11. I was looking at the names and realized the Meng Li, Lord Li, and Haowie, all have the character “子” in some form. It might just be the layman in me, but I wonder if there was a connection or not.

  12. That is a really good clarification DB, it sure help. I always thought that the woman who came in the Song clan was Mengli which was referred as lily’s mother, and that cause me confuse. Many thanks DB.

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