☯ ISSTH Chapter 573 ☯

An American pal of mine recently went to a big karate training camp and competition in Xi’an. He told me a story that totally reminds me of the cliche scenes of wuxia and xianxia (except no killing). Check out the story after the jump.

Chapter 573
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During a sparring sessions, a Chinese guy with a brown belt was up against a Chinese girl with a black belt. The girl was way shorter and smaller than the guy. The guy, apparently trying to show off, went super hard on her, landing full kicks, knocking her to the ground and even hitting her over and over again while she was down (I guess the limit is supposed to be two).

At that point one of the old Japanese karate masters intervened and rebuked the guy. He sent the girl away, and then called one of the older Japanese black belt guys over. After an interchange in Japanese, the black belt guy proceeded to (respectfully) beat the living crap out of the brown belt guy. Another Young Master bit the dust.

My friend had some other interested stories to tell. Apparently old Japanese karate masters can really throw down their alcohol.

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    1. Sorry for highjacking your comment I just had this question
      Why is it considered showing off that he went tryhard mode
      Wouldn’t be an insult if he had taken it super easy because his opponent was a girl?
      I think his his only mistake in what was written was that he kept hitting her while she was down

  1. As a fellow practitioner of the martial path… I definitely have seen that happen a few times… and I was the ‘older black belt’ guy a couple of times to kindly teach the meaning of restraint lol. Normally in a bout, the fight will be stopped after a successful ‘hit’ however in such scenarios, the judge tends to have a bit of a lazy eye and doesn’t see the multiple hits you land as you teach the ‘young master’ haha.
    Disclaimer – we didn’t actually beat the bullys up physically. Most of the time they’re newcomers who don’t understand light touch sparring and so it’s mostly a demonstration of how you can punch hard and fast but be soft at the same time. So they tend to learn about pulling their punches quite soon after going for several minutes under waves of punches and kicks!

    1. I always thought light touch sparring was an American thing. Don’t quote me on this but I think they do a lot of open knuckle, harder hittting, knock down fighting. Like Kyokushin fighting.

  2. “After an interchange in Japanese, the black belt guy proceeded to (respectfully) beat the living crap out of the brown belt guy.”
    You mean he gave him some pointers…

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