☯ ISSTH Chapter 446 ☯

Yin Yang ChinaNegative: squat toilets are common in public places. To many westerners, such a thing is extremely odd. They are not convenient for long term toilet usage, furthermore, you have to have a relatively good sense of balance to avoid falling in. Positive: squat toilets are much more sanitary because you don’t actually touch anything. If you really desire a “normal” toilet, though, they do exist in some public locations. Also, most middle-class families have a “normal” toilet in their home.

Chapter 446
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  1. there should at least be dividers yes? those toilets are common in asia so I’m used to it when i go back to visit family but in recent years most places have been renovated.

  2. Ah, squat toilets… The way pooping is meant to be done.
    Except, pretty much anyone with physical limitations, like some elderly people, have a hard time using them.

    1. Oh yeah, u reminded me with this comment. Squat toilets really would help my bathroom, my brother spends too much time on the toilet, if we had squat toilets though he’d definitely not take so long, haha! A possible solution to the problem that has always seemed to curse us!

      1. That, and seated toilets can cause intestinal problems in the long term since your… Shall we say waste, is essentially going through a bent give rather than a straight one

  3. Squat toilets annoy me cause they make ur legs burn like hell when u want relief. Also, the damn place u put ur foot on just makes my sole hurt cause it’s got a pattern.

  4. squat toilets are great! I think it’s the position humans were built to poop in. Honestly, try squat pooping sometimes you guys. It just slides right out.
    Enough about poop.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. As an asian I ALWAYS squat when pooping, even on a sitting toilet. Maybe because of habits, but everytime I try to poo in sitting position, it just doesn’t go as smoothly.

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