8 thoughts on “☯ ISSTH Chapter 1602 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Basic necessities for others are Food, Shelter, Water, Clothes. But for me it also include reading ISSTH. And now its about to end?! What will happen to my life? Even though I can eat , sleep and drink properly my life won’t be complete anymore!. Just like when there’s no ISSTH for a specific day my soul can’t stop to long for it,. I cannot focus properly on the things that I need to do without reading ISSTH for a day, Myself feels incomplete without reading it for a day.
    It already became a medicine for me to start the day..
    And now its about to end… I really wonder what is my life would be without ISSTH FOR A DAY. I will really miss ISSTH. :(..

    Sorry for my grammar just bear with it.

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