2 thoughts on “☯ AWE Chapter 144 ☯” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Hey Senior, I know you may or not have time, or not bothered to do this, but I suggest you release your posts the same way you did for ISSTH such as http://www.wuxiaworld.com/%E2%98%AF-issth-chapter-983-%E2%98%AF/

    Tell us your readers whats been going on lately and other things, it’ll only take a few more minutes. This way we further develop our trust with your new work (even though I know your wuxia rep is off the charts).

    Thanks-o Patriarch, please listen to my request and make the release posts more again!

    1. I already mentioned that I will release updates at the ends of the chapters, not in the release posts. Fewer people read the release posts, and they only stay on the front page for a few minutes usually. Also, people who binge read or catch up from the beginning will miss out on a lot. This way, everyone can get the updates much more easily.

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